Arata: The Legend

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Arata: The Legend
Arata- The Legend manga vol 1.jpg
Japanese cover of the first manga volume
アラタカンガタリ 〜革神語〜
(Arata Kangatari)
GenreAdventure, fantasy[1]
Written byYuu Watase
Published byShogakukan
English publisher
ImprintShōnen Sunday Comics
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Sunday
Original runOctober 15, 2008 – present
Volumes24 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed by
  • Woo Hyun Park (chief)
  • Kenji Yasuda
Written byMayori Sekijima
Music byKou Otani
Licensed by
Original networkTV Tokyo, TVA, TVO, AT-X
Original run April 9, 2013 July 1, 2013
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Arata: The Legend (アラタカンガタリ 〜革神語〜, Arata Kangatari) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yuu Watase. It began serialization in Weekly Shōnen Sunday in October 2008. Its individual chapters has been compiled into twenty-four tankōbon volumes as of September 2015.

An anime television series adaptation produced by Satelight and Korean studio JM Animation aired from April to July 2013.


In a mystical world called Amawakuni (天和国, Amawakuni), a ceremony marking the new governing princess is about to occur for the first time in 60 years. Only a maiden from the Hime Clan may take this position, but a boy called Arata must pose for the role, due to the lack of females born to this family. During the ceremony, the Twelve Shinshō, wielders of special swords called Hayagami (劍神, Hayagami), led by Kannagi, betrayed Princess Kikuri and attempted to assassinate her and Arata (an eyewitness) in a competition to become emperor. Kannagi frames Arata for the princess' murder, yet Arata manages to escape and into the Kando Forest.

Meanwhile, in modern-day Japan, an athletic boy named Arata Hinohara is starting his new life in high school. He wants to put memories of his difficult past behind him, but things aren't going to be simple when Masato Kadowaki, the bully from his old school, emerges. Feeling the world is untrustworthy, Hinohara walks into an alley, and soon finds himself in Amawakuni, where the world mistakes him for "Arata." Having to run to Arata's house, Hinohara learns from Arata's grandmother that he and the other Arata have "switched lives" according to legend about Kando Forest. When Kannagi searches the house, Hinohara comes across a rusted sword, activates its power, and becomes a Shō (鞘, Shou). The sword is a Hayagami named Tsukuyo.

Kotoha, Arata's childhood friend, offers Hinohara the princess' charm (ミチヒノタマ, Michihi no Tama) before he is arrested. In a jail cell, Hinohara contacts Arata via the other charm Kotoha had given him, where he discovers the truth from Arata, and are forced to take each other's roles. At the Imperial Court, Hinohara is found guilty, and exiled to Gatoya Island. On the trip to the island, Kotoha tags along and gives him his Hayagami. Also because of the charm's power he is able to talk to Kikuri (who is just barely alive). She then asks him to govern the world as otherwise there will only be war. After escaping Gatoya Island, Hinohara and Kotoha with their new friend Kanate, a former bandit, they head to the mainland on a quest to restore order and save the princess.

Meanwhile, Arata emerges from the forest and finds himself in Japan. He has a run-in with the police because he is shirtless but is saved by Nao, Hinohara's sister, and is taken into Hinohara's family mistaking him for their "Arata". He adjusts to high school where he befriends a strange girl named Imina Oribe. Imina is later revealed a maiden from the Hime Clan who winded up lost on Earth 15 years ago. Harunawa, an agent of the mysterious Six Shinshō, is ordered to eliminate Imina to prevent her from becoming Kikuri's successor. Together Arata and Imina search for information (prophecies) on how to stop the Six Shinshō's ambition to rule both Amawakuni and Earth.

Traveling across the mainland, Kannagi reluctantly joins Hinohara's group when a vengeful Akachi stole his Hayagami. Kotoha eventually learns Hinohara's true identity as the duo becomes closer. Upon realizing the situation, Kadowaki is also summoned in Amawakuni and becomes a Shō as he activates a Hayagami, a spear named Orochi. Determined to fight Hinohara, Kadowaki repeatedly encounters him on his journey. Having two Shinshō members, Yorunami and Kugura submitted, Hinohara soon discovers his destiny as Emperor Of Hinowa – the origin of all Hayagami – he embarks with Mikusa and Rami, relatives from the Hime and Uneme Clan. Hinohara later confronts Yataka, a Shinshō who loved Kikuri. Yataka receives a change of heart, and accompanies Hinohara's quest to redeem himself. Hinohara comes to know Mikusa is a fake maiden hiding from the Shinshō. After Kannagi retrieves his Hayagami from Akachi, Hinohara is lured into a conspiracy on Muroya Island by a fellow traveler Hiruha who has been manipulated by the Six Shinshō. Following Rami and Hiruha's deaths, the gang resolves in defeating the Six Shinshō, those who are actually humans from Earth's past.

The Six Shinshō and Kadowaki apparently become Hinohara's most formidable opponents on his quest. As Hinohara tries to suppress his personal conflicts after Kotoha was seriously injured by his demon transformation when Kadowaki subjugated Kanate, Kadowaki also faces his own predicament. Nasuke, a rogue Shō helps Hinohara before submitting to him. Back on Earth, Harunawa soon goes on full out assault at school and infecting the city, in order to enlarge his demon powers. Imina harnesses her Amatsuriki abilities to counter the outbreak to protect Arata and the Hinohara family.


Main Characters[edit]

Arata Hinohara (日ノ原 革, Hinohara Arata)
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto
The main protagonist, along with Arata. Arata Hinohara is a shy high school freshman from modern-day Japan. He is athletic, and used to run track in middle school. He's had life difficulties in trusting others that leaves his family worrying about him overtime. After being bullied by Kadowaki, betrayed by his friend Suguru, and feeling sorrowful, Hinohara is sucked into another world, Amawakuni, where he poses as the Arata from Amawakuni, who has been framed for the princess' murder. Soon after his entrance into the new world, he becomes a Shō, one chosen to wield the Hayagami Tsukuyo, the god of light, in the form of a sword. He promises Kikuri to help restore her power. Having to escape Gatoya Island, after Hinohara purified Tsutsuga, he embarks on a quest to govern the world from war. Along the road, Hinohara begins understand what he really must believe in. He eventually falls in love with Kotoha. In the manga, Kadowaki had place a Kimon mark on Hinohara that tampers his emotions, until he matures enough to break it. When his Hayagami fully awakens, he gains three techniques which he can produce: ultimate-chain, flash-wave, and Sun-of-the-World; dispel darkness out of people's hearts. He is also blessed with the title Emperor Of Hinowa. With this new revelation, "Arata's" name for murdering the princess has been cleared throughout Amawakuni.
Arata (アラタ, Arata)
Voiced by: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Arata, from Amawakuni, is outgoing, full of energy, and is bored easily. At birth, his grandmother Makari, claimed that he was a girl but still raised him as boy. He is part of the Hime Clan, which provides the princesses to maintain balance in the world. With no other girls to succeed the current princess, Arata poses as a girl to become Kikuri's successor. At the succession ceremony, he witnesses Kikuri's assassination and is quickly framed for murder. He runs into the Kando Forest, where he switch places with Arata Hinohara from modern-day Japan. He puts his best efforts in going to school and trying to adapt in the new world, especially the family he never had. He and Hinohara are able to contact each other once in a while link through the princess' two charms which Kotoha had given them both. In the manga, Arata uses an odd cellphone strap infused with Amatsuriki to fight Harunawa in the real world. Now Arata looks to avenge his deceased family and protect Imina.
Kotoha (コトハ, Kotoha)
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki
Kotoha is Arata's childhood friend, even though her family the Uneme Clan has served the Hime Clan for years. She wishes to help others, and has the healing powers that all women of Uneme Clan have. She accompanies Hinohara on his quest. Like almost everyone else in Awamakuni, she thinks that Hinohara is the Arata from the Hime Clan whom lost his memories after being "swallowed" by the Kando Forest, but later learns his true identity in chapter 41. In the anime, she figures it out when noticing his reactions to her and by the sudden appearance of Kadowaki. She had romantic feelings for Arata but shifts to Hinohara when Arata rejected her, and is the first person to have belief in Hinohara. As the series progresses, Kotoha's healing powers have become stronger.
Kannagi (カンナギ, Kannagi)
Voiced by: Yuki Ono
One of the Twelve Shinshō, he wields the Hayagami Homura, the god of fire. He incites the coup d'etat against the princess so that the Shinshō can use their Hayagami without limitations and frames Arata for the murder. Kannagi is determined to become emperor for the sake of Emisu, whom he loved. At first, he leads the manhunt for Arata, but later accepts Hinohara's pity to accompany on his quest in order to get revenge on Akachi for killing all his Zokushō, and having his Hayagami stolen. Kannagi swore to Honi that he will make things right again. In chapter 119, he finally retrieves his Hayagami, along saving an orphan who resembles Emisu. After Akachi's defeat, Kannagi now pledges to watch over the other Emisu and resume his desire to become emperor; though Hinohara understands him.
Mikusa (ミクサ, Mikusa)
She is a strong warrior who disguised herself as a male her whole life due to circumstances and labeled as a fake member of the Hime Clan. At first, she tried to avenge Kikuri, but Hinohara was able to prove his innocence. She doesn't trust others easily and is unsure how to respond to Hinohara and company in chapter 65. Mikusa does not know how to behave like a woman at first, but after developing affections for Hinohara, she starts to become more feminine. After deciding Hinohara's group is trustworthy she opens up towards the others. The only person she shows a softer side to was Rami. It was discovered in chapter 105 that Mikusa had been found near Kando Forest by Kikuri and was adopted into the Hime Clan 15 years ago, meaning she's the one who switched places with Imina and is Japanese.
Yataka (ヤタカ, Yataka)
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano
One of the Twelve Shinshō. He wields the Hayagami Zekuu, the god of void in the form of a mirror. He is able to reflect a person's true character. He's very proper and conducts himself in a professional and chivalrous manner. Yataka's first formal meeting with Princess Kikuri was when she requested he bring her to her home to visit her dying mother. They soon became a couple afterwards and he began seeing the world as pure and beautiful. However, one day Kikuri left him without telling him. He believed Kikuri betrayed him and grew resentful. After finding out the truth behind Kikuri's betrayal, Yataka suffered even more. Kotoha reveals to him that Kikuri must have suffered during this ordeal because she truly wished to be with him. Now convince of Kikuri's reasons, Yataka tried to submit to Hinohara, but he rejected him saying he should instead atone for his actions. Okima takes his position for the time-being while Yataka accompanies Hinohara to help recover Kikuri.

Secondary Characters[edit]

Princess Kikuri (キクリ, Kikuri)
Voiced by: Hibiku Yamamura
Kikuri is the current princess of Amawakuni and has been in that position for 60 years. Most commonly called Himeou. She governs Amawakuni and leads the Twelve Shinshō. At Arata's succession ceremony, the Twelve Shinshō betray Kikuri and attempt to assassinate her (especially Yakata who originally instigated the assassination plot), leaving her in critical condition from Kannagi's attack. She clings to life with the last of her power, the Amatsuriki. She communicates with Hinohara and asks him to bring his Hayagami to her, in a last attempt to bring order to and prevent chaos in the world. Hinohara wishes to live up to Kikuri's faith in him. She serves a spiritual guide to Hinohara and is the one who helps to motivate him into saving Amawakuni.
Kanate (カナテ, Kanate)
Voiced by: Junko Minagawa
He was part of a band of thieves and acts like an older brother to another orphan, Ginchi. Kanate and Ginchi were prisoners of Gatoya Island, along with Kotoha and Hinohara. Hinohara saves Kanate from Tsutsuga, the warden of the island, and they later become friends. Kanate escapes Gatoya in a boat with the others. Ginchi reunites with his mother apparently, and Kanata accompanies Hinohara and Kotoha on their quest. Wanting to become strong, Kanata accepts the Hayagami called Happujin-Nigana from one of Kugura's dying Zokushō and pursues to fulfill his purpose as a Shō. He leaves the group in chapter 73. Kanate observes Kadowaki's actions, and later (under Ikisu's influence) he submits to him.
Rami (ラミ, Rami)
Rami is a Uneme Clan sidekick to Mikusa. Rami is one of the more forceful members of the group and makes sure her opinions are heard. She gets annoyed easily whenever anyone bothers Mikusa, whom she treats as a sister. Rami is a healer like Kotoha; with better abilities. Rami has a good heart, but most of her affections are reserved for Mikusa. Rami is killed in the conflict on Muroya with Hiruha, and Mikusa vows to avenge her.
Hiruha (ヒルハ, Hiruha)
He is a member of Kugura's Zokushō. Hiruha wears a goofy grin throughout the story. He likes to travel on his Hayagami called Happujin-Raku and is often seen floating in the air. Hiruha and his family members were criminals enslaved 52 years ago on Muroya, a prison similar to Gatoya. Hiruha left Muroya by taking the secret passage underground railway to Kugura's domain. However, not long after he had gone to visit his family only, he finds them all massacred by Sata, the Shō who formerly ruled Muroya before going berserk because of the Six Shō. After Kugura's submission, Hiruha eventually joins Hinohara's quest in chapter 88. Hiruha aims to use Hinohara's Tsukuyo to revive his family. When Hiruha finds out Kikutsune's deception, he confronts him, but it backfires and costs him his life. Kannagi performs a funeral pyre for Hiruha and Rami.
Nasake (ナサケ, Mercy)
Nasake is Ameeno's son and served as his Zohushō. He has a very feminine appearance, and makes his debut in chapter 193. He uses a special Hayagami called Furenzu, a sword and also a pair of glasses that can awaken an enemy's instinct of protection, thereby charming them. Nasake is disgusted by his father's actions and refused to participate in the submission battle then defects to Hinohara's group. He provides guidance through the Six Shō's territories. Nasake and Mikusa develop a relationship. Following Ameeno's submission to him, Nasake then entrusts himself to Hinohara and submits to him.

Twelve Shinshō[edit]

The Twelve Shinshō are known as the top Shō composed of the five elements. All of them are given a territory to protect their citizens from chaos. As their duty, they must swore their loyalty to Himeou and protect her from all causes.

Akachi (アカチ, Akachi)
Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
A former friend of Kannagi. Akachi wields the Hayagami Okoro, the god of earth. He grew up together with Kannagi as a slave but close friends, but they were separated during a mutiny by the villagers when he held off the mutineers to let Kannagi escape with his half-sister Emisu. Following the death of Emisu, despite their reunion, he has developed a strong resentment for Kannagi, just like Hinohara and Kadowaki. Akachi soon gives Kadowaki his own advice on how to gain strength, seeing their similarities, and entrusts an eye of his to him. Akachi is determined to become emperor to settle things with Kannagi. A shocking revelation in chapter 122, Akachi had long since died 132 years ago, and remained as an undead due to his bound contract with his Hayagami, he then bestow his Hayagami to Kannagi to continue living.
Yorunami (ヨルナミ, Yorunami)
Voiced by: Sōichirō Hoshi
Yorunami controls rain in his domain, where a city of rich people resides. He wields the Hayagami Nakisawa, the god of water, in the form of a fan. Ever since he was a child, he had dedicated himself to gain acknowledgment from his strict mother, which continued into his adulthood. In his attempt, to have Hinohara submit his Hayagami to him is for the sake of his late mother. Hiruko however believes Hinohara can truly change Yorunami's heart. Despite his failure to Hinohara's strong resistance, Hinohara made Yorunami realize how important he was meant for his mother when opening a memento that contained a necklace Yorunami made for his mother. Yorunami, Hiruko, and his followers then submit their power to Hinohara putting their faith in him.
Kugura (クグラ, Kagura)
Voiced by: Go Inoue
Kugura appears as adult and a giant in general as he's physically a child in secret. He wields the Hayagami Shinado, the god of wind, in the form of wings, and is capable of flying. Obviously much to Kugura's childish temper, he lashes out with violent winds at his big brother Eto for him getting involved with his business, or with Hinohara. Kugura states to Hiruha that he "owes" Eto which confuses Hiruha. Kugura likes to be in the company of women because he is looking for a wife. Apparently, he fails to notice small details and falls in love with a cross-dressing Hinohara. He is jealous of Eto's calm mature nature as Kugura wants to be treated as an adult. When Kadowaki subjugates Eto, Kugura submits to Hinohara hoping to see how he would recreate the world above the sky.
Mumei (ムメイ, Mumei)
The last Twelve Shinshō member. Mumei has long been hidden in mystery. Many speculate that his Hayagami actually the god of time, powers that are time considerate he displayed two time clocks on him. It may most likely that Mumei was originally an adult as he may use time to reverse his age. It states Mumei is a possible member of the Six Shō. Unlike other Shinshō, he has no interest in the submission battle and wishes to study the meaning of life as he keeps a vast collection of corpses. Mumei can view the events going on in Earth.

Six Shinshō[edit]

The Six Shō are unidentified Shō, and concealed records by the Himeou due to their ambitions. Later revealed to be former humans from Earth that arrived in Amawakuni through Kando Forest (except Harunawa) with severe disabilities and hatred towards reality due to their tragic past. The six Hayagami are composed of the six senses code: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind. They possess overwhelming strength in perfected demon forms.

Shimu (シム, Shimu)
Voiced by: Ken'ichi Koike
The designating leader of the Six Shō. Shimu displays no emotion. His main objective is returning to Earth, how he wishes to return to his world as its new emperor after so long of being in Amawakuni and he isn't bothered by the thought of people dying as he pursues his goal. His Hayagami could be the god of mind. Shimu seems to have the most seniority over the other members of the Six Shō. Shimu remains composed even when Kadowaki and Kikutsune lose their temper with him. However, his status can silence both men since they sense he is a very powerful foe to trifle with. Shimu was the one who actually influenced Yataka to assassinate the princess, which is part of his goal.
Shimu's past remains unknown. Though it indicates he came from the ages of World War II occurred in Germany.
Harunawa (ハルナワ, Harunawa)
Voiced by: Akira Ishida
Harunawa is the coldest member of the Six Shō. He wields the Hayagami Bakuto, the god of touch. Capable of infecting people with Kimon marks and demonize. Harunawa later enters Kando Forest deciding to go into another world to their plot in eliminating Hinohara, and Harunawa switched with Kadowaki to Japan in chapter 52. He can act quite social and is able to adapt to his surroundings quickly as shown by his ability to norm into Japanese culture. He suggests that Kikoku Island and Kando Forest are connected. Harunawa is the only member who doesn't have any origination with Earth. Later, he is revealed to be an artificial Shinshō created by Mumei with the brain of Munakata's treacherous son.
During the time period when Princess Kikuri leaves the Amawakuni capital to visit her dying mother, Harunawa use the chance to slaughter the Hime Clan's female individuals to prevent successors to take the Princess' title. Harunawa almost kills a young Arata after murdering his parents. Arata's grandmother, Makari, saved him when she reveals Arata is a boy. In Japan, Harunawa meets Arata again, who has no memory of the Shō until later in chapter 169. Harunawa release his delay curse mark on Arata up to then Imina heals him. Harunawa eventually discovers Imina is the one Hime Clan female who managed to escape from his massacre 15 years ago. He walks off in boredom; waiting for the right moment.
Kikutsune (キクツネ, Kikutsune)
Voiced by: Kouji Takeda
A deaf member of the Six Shō. Kikutsune wields the Hayagami Kisaru, the god of sound. He can be haughty and malicious. His whistling is known to have manipulated Hiruha by feeding him lies of how to save his deceased friends and family's souls on Muroya. Commanding his enslaved Zokushō (Tagiri) to steal people's eardrums, losing their hearing, except for Hinohara's who is listening to his iPod. Having Tagiri and his lover Sarasu reunited, Hinohara defeated Kikutsune in intense battle. Before Hinohara could redeem him, Kikutsune is left helpless when Hinohara gets distracted in saving the town from a volcanic eruption, and Kadowaki subjugates Kikutsune.
Kikutsune used to be a harp-player from the Roman Empire times. He had originally reached the top of Odeon, and was recognized as a genius musician. All of the citizens highly praised Kikutsune for his melody. His dream ended however, when one night an aristocratic musician sent his men to attack him out of jealous. Kikutsune was badly beaten and his eardrums were heavily damaged causing him to lose his hearing. He ended up committing a crime to get revenge. The citizens who originally praised his beautiful music quickly turned their backs on Kikutsune humiliating him and not acknowledging the truth behind his ordeals. He was to be executed to a lion in the Amphitheatre of Pompeii, Italy. Right before the event started, Mount Vesuvius started a huge eruption causing the town to almost be destroyed. Kikutsune falls into an abyss and is transported to Amawakuni.
Isora (イソラ, Isora)
A non-vocal member of the Six Shō. Isora wore a mouth cover all the time, because he is unable to speak. Though, as he wields the Hayagami Kohaku, the god of taste, he gained the ability to generate words and communicate. Isora chooses to observe from the sidelines and prefers to keep his intentions hidden; only Kikutsune claims to know what Isora is thinking and considers him as a brother-in-arms. Isora kidnaps Mikusa to prevent Imina from returning to Amawakuni. Isora judges Hinohara through a challenging maze whether he considers Kadowaki a friend or an enemy where his decision remains unanswered. After Hinohara rescues Mikusa, Isora became vulnerable and chose to submit to Kadowaki.
Isora used to live in Europe from the Middle Ages. He once had a very good life as an aristocratic family until his close friend; whom he used to trust and went to negotiate the inquisition to protect him, had betrayed Isora by accusing he's a witch. He was sent to the inquisition and was persecuted in the witch trials. Isora has been tortured daily and had his tongue been burned and pulled out with a red-hot iron stick. Before he was tortured for his false crime, Isora discovered that his friend had only care and wanted the valuable inheritance that was handed down to him. He became beyond untrustworthy wanting to confirm all humans are evil. After being dunk several times, Isora resurfaces in Amawakuni.
Ikisu (イキス, Ikisu)
A feminine member of the Six Shō. The most prominent feature about Ikisu is that, he's physically a male, though he prefers to be a woman, wearing magical scent cosmetics to glamorize his appearance. Ikisu acts in a charming way, intense anger; fears the dark. He wields the Hayagami Nouga, the god of scent. He uses the power of scent to mislead people's emotions. When Hinohara witnesses Kanate's submission to Kadowaki, he demonizes and goes berserk, Ikisu urges his transformation to worsen (in chapter 204) until Kotoha recklessly step in and Hinohara wounds her which prompts the dishearten Hinohara to change back to normal. Ikisu is later subjugated to Ameeno's rebellion.
Ikisu used to live in medieval France who was treated poorly and had bad stench. With his mother Matilde constantly annoyed by the scent of smell, and apparently abuse Ikisu as a filthy child acting as if he is unrecognizable and dumped him in a sewer where he ends up in Amawakuni.
Ameeno (アメ エノ, Ameeno)
A blind black member of the Six Shō. He wields the Hayagami Megudo, the god of sight. Ameeno is completely abusive and forceful who engaged in internal violence. He doesn't value people's lives. He simply confronts Ikisu with the smell of corpses (which make him hard to breathe, since Ikisu has a strong sense of smell) and abuses Nasake violently when Nasake disobey him. He commands his gang of blindfolded followers to withstand Hinohara's group. Ameeno tortures Hinohara, similar to his experience of Kadowaki's bullying. When Shimu invades the area Ameeno goes full impact against his army of aircraft, but is ultimately defeated. Seeing Nasake standing up for him, he opens his heart and submits to Nasake then later Hinohara.
His past is seen when Ameeno presumably escaped from black slavery in 19th century Africa which he then winded up in Amawakuni and was found by Nasake's mother.


The Zokushō are Shō who served loyalty to the Twelve Shinshō.

Ohika (オヒカ, Ohika)
Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi
He is one of Kannagi's most trusted Zokushō. His Hayagami Kaneri can repair tools & weapons. Unlike Kannagi, Ohika is calm and courteous and he overly trusts strangers. They bond close allies for many years passed, since Kannagi and Emisu escaped the mutiny. Ohika and Honi are like a master-servant relationship. His wife Fuyo is soon expecting a child, until Akachi confesses Kannagi's attack on Kikuri and forces Ohika to submit, breaking his promise to have Fuyo spared.
Hiruko (ヒルコ, Hiruko)
Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa
He is Yorunami's personal favorite Zokushō. His Hayagami Takara produces coins and currency but deforms upon touch. Hiruko is friendly and cheerful toward the people in Suzukura when under the disguise as "Suehiro." Inside of how he feels as Hiruko, he disdain human for their selfishness and greediness, this he deduct people's taxes for almost absolute no reason. Later Hinohara teaches Hiruko that people like him for his personality, not just because he gave them jobs.
Munakata (ムナカタ, Munakata)
He is Harunawa's Zokushō. A relaxing type and prefers to supervise his younger comrades. He acts as a spacing partner and new leader to Kadowaki. In the past, Munakata lived a life of loyalty but difficulties due to his estrange wife and son, similar to Kadowaki's family. His son was sentenced to death for leading a crime spree. Munakata gives up an arm to replace Kadowaki's severed one as a sign of atonement.
Okima (オキマ, Okima)
He is a member of Yataka's Zokushō. Okima has served Yataka for a much longer time than any other Zokushō. His Hayagami Kuuge can place enemies into slumber and dreams. He is married to a woman named Maruka. Okima and Hinohara accidentally switched bodies to the advantage in infiltrating Yataka's territory; with both parties having a humiliating experience till finally switching back and resolve the situation. Later Okima and his fellow Zokushō, Aoi, launch an airship directly towards Kikutsune's, but backfires and then entrust their souls to Yataka before crashing.


Masato Kadowaki (門脇 将人, Kadowaki Masato)
Voiced by: Ryohei Kimura
The major antagonist of the series. A former best friend of Arata Hinohara from middle school where they were both on a track team that Kadowaki equally praised him so. Due to family issues and nonacceptance, Kadowaki develops a furious energetic behavior. In high school, he and Hinohara have the same class. He bears hatred towards Hinohara from when Kadowaki's kneel got permanently injured in a car accident which he might not run as he used to, and Hinohara purposely loses in an important race tournament. Kadowaki believes Hinohara looks down on him, and constantly bullies him. He further causes everyone to turn against Hinohara, including his friend Suguru. Noticing that Arata and Hinohara are both completely different people, Kadowaki gets switched with Harunawa (chapter 45), and also arrives in Amawakuni. Allowing him to wield the Hayagami Orochi, the god of darkness, in the form of a spear, and seeks to hunt Hinohara. He is insistence to prove himself superiority to Hinohara. When Hinohara helps him defenseless against Ameeno, it is uncertain that Kadowaki now regrets about Hinohara.
Imina Oribe (織部 実名, Oribe Imina)
Arata's schoolmate, who resembles Kotoha and makes a debut in chapter 39. She is able see Arata's true form. It is revealed in chapter 103, Imina is part of the Hime Clan that supposed to be killed 15 years ago by Harunawa, but failed because she escape and switched places with Mikusa and is now living in Japan. She is the sole candidate to be Kikuri's successor. Arata and Imina have a close bond, since both feel out of place in Japan, upon discovering they both are from Amawakuni. Arata tries to convince her in returning with him. They care for one another and Imina considers herself Arata's protector. As the series progresses, Imina gains full access to her Amatsuriki.
Miyabi (ミヤビ, Miyabi)
Voiced by: Kaori Fukuhara
Miyabi is an attendant to Harunawa, until he switch places with Kadowaki. She's had heart conditions since childhood. Miyabi, in her attempts at making friends with Kadowaki, performs various antics that annoy the boy. In a conversation where she can tell Kadowaki that perhaps it isn't hatred for Arata Hinohara, but a desire to become his friend again. Over time, Kadowaki starts to loosen up around her and show some concern for her when she collapse. She has feelings for him.
Suguru Nishijima (西島 優, Nishijima Suguru)
Voiced by: Daiki Yamashita
On the first day of school, Hinohara saves him from being falsely accused of being a pervert on the subway. They became friends and share video games, but Suguru later betrays Hinohara by covering his desk and chair with glue and overhears him saying they weren't friends. Arata learns that Suguru was pretending to go against Hinohara because of Kadowaki, for being a coward. Regretfully, Suguru really wants to be Hinohara's friend, and Arata accepts him in Hinohara's place. When Arata informs Hinohara how Harunawa absorbed Suguru as of getting back at him, Hinohara reconcile Suguru for his bravery.
Tsutsuga (ツツガ, Tsutsuga)
Voiced by: Hiroki Yasumoto
The warden of Gatoya Island. In the beginning, Tsutsuga had demonized because of unbearable betrayal, and wields the Hayagami Saniwa, the god of judgement, that judges a person's true nature. Hinohara sympathize with Tsutsuga's pain and purified his heart of wanting to endure friendship no matter what. Tsutsuga becomes the first Shō to entrust his soul to Hinohara.
Nagu (ナグ, Nagu)
Nagu is a loner child and highly indifferent to other people in generally. Nagu and his twin sister Naru were left alone when their parents abandon them. Nagu and Naru found a shelter on an island, but Naru soon died of starvation. Nagu becomes a Shō by wielding the Hayagami called Hakua, the god of art; the ability to bring drawings to life, and creates a second Naru. He also drew children for Naru to make friends with. In chapter 33, when Hinohara and company arrive on the island, they gave care to them and the children until they accidentally discover the truth. Naru convinces Nagu go along with Hinohara in the outside world, as she and the children disappear. Nagu instead submits to Hinohara's Tsukuyo.
Seo (先生, Seo)
Seo is a mystery man from the Hime Clan. He appears to Hinohara out of nowhere and offers advice to when needed on his quest. Seo considers himself Hinohara's mentor.
Nao Hinohara (日ノ原 仍, Hinohara Nao)
Voiced by: Ayaka Fukuhara
Arata Hinohara's younger sister. After Harunawa's attempt to kill Nao failed, she learns the whole situation about her brother being in Arata's place. Nao prays for her brother's return.



Written and illustrated by Yuu Watase, chapters of Arata: The Legend have been serialized in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday magazine since October 15, 2008.[2] As of now, Shogakukan has released twenty-four tankōbon volumes. The first volume was published on January 16, 2009,[3] and the twenty-fourth on September 18, 2015.[4]

In North America, the manga has been licensed for English language released by Viz Media.


An anime television series adaptation produced by Satelight and Korean studio JM Animation aired from April 9, 2013 to July 1, 2013.[5]


Rebecca Bundy of Anime News Network gave the first volume an overall B+ for "Great art and character designs; plus, Watase's ability to create interesting lore is as sharp as ever." She also noted, however, that the "Pathetic, cowardly main character makes everything involving him painful to read."[6] Deb Aoki of notes that the plot is "fairly formulaic fantasy fare that's just a bit too predictable to offer fans something truly fresh and new" but that the series has her "hooked."[7] Todd Douglass of says that the first volume is "strongly recommended," despite some reservations.[8] Christopher Nadolsk of says that the first volume offers "an entertaining and eye-pleasing escapist fantasy read."[9]


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