Aravaipa Creek

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Aravaipa Creek
Aravaipa Creek in Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness
Aravaipa Creek is located in Arizona
Aravaipa Creek
Central Aravaipa Valley and Creek
Country United States
Cities Mammoth, AZ–Winkelman, AZ
Location Graham County, Aravaipa Valley (northeast Sonoran Desert), Arizona
Basin features
Main source 8,889 ft (2,709 m) above sea level
River mouth San Pedro River south of Winkelman, Arizona
32°50′17″N 110°42′56″W / 32.83814°N 110.71568°W / 32.83814; -110.71568Coordinates: 32°50′17″N 110°42′56″W / 32.83814°N 110.71568°W / 32.83814; -110.71568
River system Gila River
Physical characteristics
Length 55 mi (89 km)

Aravaipa Creek is a major drainage between three mountain ranges in southeast Graham County, Arizona. It is located on the north and northeast perimeter of the Galiuro Mountains massif as it flows northwest then southeast through and around the range's north end to meet the San Pedro River. It drains northwest through the narrow, fault-blocked Aravaipa Valley. The Santa Teresa Mountains border the narrow canyon and valley northeast. The origin of Aravaipa Creek lies southeast in the high altitude Madrean Sky Island range of the sky island Pinaleno Mountains.

The origin is in on the southwest flank of the northern Pinaleno Mountains, at Durkee Canyon, and Blue Peak at 8,889 feet (2,709 m).[1]

Aravaipa Canyon at the north end of the Galiuro's contain the Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness. The creek goes northwest then southeast through the canyon and downstream about 9 miles (14 km) to meet the San Pedro River, and Arizona State Route 77.

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