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Anastasia Aravina
Born Anastasia Alexandrovna Aravina
(1983-01-19) 19 January 1983 (age 35)
Moscow, Russia
Other names Anastasia Aravina
Occupation Actress
Years active 2001–present

Anastasia Alexandrovna Aravina (Russian: Анастасия Александровна Аравина; born 19 January 1983) is a Russian theater and film actress.[1]


She was born on 19 January 1983, in Moscow.[2]

Being the daughter of a famous film director Alexander Aravina, Anastasia early chosen a profession.

After school, she enrolled at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts, which comprehended the acting craft in the studio of a famous actor, Vadim. The first serious experience of filming the actress was in 2001, while still a student at the institute. She made her debut as Zina in the television series "Moscow Windows". Then Anastasia Aravina appeared in a cameo role in the nurses' Turkish March. " In 2003, the actress received a starring role in the TV series about the life of ordinary Muscovites in the 70 years of the "Best city in the world", directed by his father, Alexander Nasty Aravin.

Upon graduation in 2004, the actress continued to appear on television. In the same year, she appeared again in the series directed by Alexander Aravina. This time it was the spy drama "Red Orchestra" with the participation of well-known actors such as Alexey Gorbunov, Dmitry Nazarov and Andrei Ilyin. In 2005, Anastasia appeared in an episode of the fourth season of the detective, "Kamensky," and the following year she made her debut in cinema, playing in the melodrama "Nanjing landscape." Also in 2006, the actress played the role of Agnes in television historical drama "Tomorrow's care", which tells of the heroism of Russian sailors in 1955, distilled fishing fleet to Kamchatka. Soon Anastasia Aravina appeared in an episode of "Matchmaker", and in 2008 played Anya Kapitsinu, mistress Vlasov, a detective serials melodrama Alexander Aravina "If our destiny" with Alexander Domogarovym in the title role. After the actress has appeared in several TV series, such as "Will the night," Detective "stunt", "Angel on duty" and "New life detective Gurov. Continued ".

In 2010, Anastasia Aravina took the lead role in a spy adventure series on topics "last meeting", then appeared in the crime drama serials "The mother's heart."

Anastasia's father: Aravin Alexander - director ("The Red Chapel", "Kiss of Fallen Angels," "If we fate").


Filmography Anastasia Aravina [3]

  • 2012 "Country 03" - Oksana girl Bury
  • 2012 "Angel on duty 2" - Lena
  • 2011 "Piranha" (not completed) - Lena
  • 2011 "The team eight" - Lt. Lisa Myakutina
  • 2011 "St. John's wort-3" - the wife Bersteneva
  • 2010 "Mother's Heart" - Sasha matron
  • 2010 "The Last Meeting" - Kate Ioannina (main role)
  • 2010 "New Life detective Gurov." Continued - Face
  • 2010 "Free cake does not happen" film number 3
  • 2010 "Angel on duty" - Lisa
  • 2008 "Stunt Man" - Mary
  • 2008 "Will the night" (Russia, Ukraine) - the waitress
  • 2008 "If we destiny" - Anya Kapitsyna actress, mistress of the Vlasov
  • 2007 "Matchmaker" - Sasha
  • 2007 "Masquerade"
  • 2006 "Nanjing landscape" - The lady in the car
  • 2006 "Tomorrow's worries" - Agnes
  • 2005 "Kamensky-4" - Dasha
  • 2005 "Personal" movie 1
  • 2004 "The Red Chapel» Sarkanā Kapela (Latvia, Russia) - Juliette (leading role)
  • 2003 "The best city in the world" - Zina Terekhov (leading role)
  • 2002 "Turkish March" (Season 3) - Nurse
  • 2002 "The end of the film" Movie 2
  • 2001 "Moscow Windows" - Zina

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