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ARAYA cover.jpg
Developer(s)MAD Virtual Reality Studio
Publisher(s)MAD Virtual Reality Studio
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
  • WW: November 24, 2016
Genre(s)Horror game

ARAYA is a 2016 first person adventure/horror game, developed by MAD Virtual Reality Studio for Microsoft Windows.[1]


The story is told from the perspective of 3 different characters. Players will explore different areas of a Bangkok hospital in order to piece together the mysterious circumstances and solve the murder case of Araya.[2]

Araya is a bipolar girl who claims she hates people, and prefers staying home. However, when she befriends a girl named Marisa, she feels that she can be at ease around her. Once, she pushes Marisa down to the ground, but claims that it wasn't really her who pushed her down. Araya later is hit on by a boy named Sorn, but Marisa warns her to stay away from him, claiming that he's a playboy. Araya agrees at first, but later she is in a relationship with Sorn and is too in love with him to break up. Araya later becomes pregnant by Sorn, but the two argue over the baby. For an unknown reason, Sorn goes to the security guard of the Bangkok hospital for a sleeping pill to give to Araya. The pill ends up killing Araya and the baby inside her, and Sorn panics about what to do with her body, as he doesn't want to be blamed for her death. Sorn takes Araya's body to the hospital's parking garage, where he hangs her by a noose. As he is putting her into the noose, he falls off the balcony that he is standing on to his death. Marisa gets a text message from Araya years after her death, and goes to the now decrepit and haunted hospital. While she is searching the hospital, she is chased multiple times by a man named Jit, who previously worked in the hospital and is now staying inside for an unknown reason. Marisa is caught by Jit, who for some reason doesn't kill her while she is unconscious. Rama is the hospital's security guard who patrols the hospital and is also chased by Jit, who he previously knew. Rama's boss later tells him to meet up at a location in the hospital, but is supposedly stabbed in the back by Jit. Jit chases Rama again, but this time he gets knocked out by a bookshelf. The third character, Boon, has to go to the hospital to complete tasks for a gang to clear his gambling debt. He is chased several times by a gigantic "Praet", or a type of ghost that Thai people believe children who have sinned against their parents will become after death. Boon is more vocal about the strange occurrences that he witnesses than the other two characters. During the end of Boon's mission, he and Rama cross paths, and both quickly discuss how to escape the hospital. Later, Marisa finds the corpse of Araya and faints. She wakes up in a nightmarish labyrinth, where at the end she hears Sorn and Araya's argument, and finds a ghostly version of Araya hanging. Araya transforms into a vengeful ghost, believing that there is no one left who cares about her. It is discovered that Rama found Araya's body, and had a daughter nicknamed Ploy who died from meningitis; Rama attempted to get some money from his boss to save her, but it wasn't enough. After wandering in the same path as Marisa's, Rama finds the room where an unconscious Mariya and Araya's corpse are. If Rama looks at Araya's corpse, he can examine the nail in her forehead, and pulls it out while doing so. The nail was presumably put in place by Jit, and seals the evil spirit in the body; if removed, it will have the opposite effect. Rama sees a red fog that is the ghost escaping the corpse's forehead and which leaves the room. After trying to wake Marisa up, Jit enters the room and attacks Rama. Rama pushes Jit away, and is then given the option to either kill or spare Jit. Rama's boss shortly after comes in the room and knocks Rama out, blaming him for ruining his and Jit's unknown plan. The boss in turn is pushed by Araya's ghost and knocks his head against a table, and presumably dies. Marisa awakes and tries to escape from Araya. When she is by the exit, the spirit appears and blocks her way out with a thick black fog. After this occurs there are two endings that can happen depending on whether or not Jit was spared. If he was spared, Jit will come and attack the spirit by stabbing her in the forehead with his sacred dagger. If Jit is killed, it is Rama who attacks Araya instead. Either way, the three main characters successfully escape the burning hospital. Marisa wakes up surrounded by police outside, Rama stares at the hospital, and Boon is trying to explain to a policeman about all the supernatural things he saw in the building. If Jit is spared, he can be seen sitting on the ground outside holding his head in his hands. Marisa looks up at the hospital sadly, and the game ends with someone reaching out to hold her hand.


  • Marisa: A brave, confident girl and the only friend Araya ever had. She came to the hospital because she got a message from her who mysteriously disappeared a year ago.
  • Rama: A security guard at the hospital, he witnessed a strange event while he was on patrol.
  • Boon: A young guy scared of his own shadow. He is crazy about collecting amulets and is on a mission at the hospital to wipe out his gambling debts once and for all.
  • Jit: A necromancer on a murderous spree who happens to be the main antagonist and lead suspect for Araya's murder.
  • Boss: Boss of Rama.
  • Ploy: Daughter of Rama
  • Araya: Friend of Marisa.
  • Sorn: Special friend of Araya.
  • Shu: Person who Boon owe debt to.

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