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Arbeiter Ring Publishing is a worker-owned and operated independent book publisher and distributor that specializes in progressive, radical and anarchist literature (both fiction and non-fiction). Founded by Todd Scarth and John K. Samson in Winnipeg in 1996,[1] the publishing company was originally based in The Old Market Autonomous Zone (or A-Zone), which also houses Mondragon Bookstore and Coffee House, and other radical and worker-run organizations. Named after Arbeiter Ring (meaning "Workers' Circle"), a radical Jewish workers' organization (which had a strong presence in Winnipeg at the outset of the 20th century and helped promote Emma Goldman's early visits to the city), Arbeiter Ring also shares a commitment to workers' self-management. One aspect of this is the organization's promotion of participatory economics (or parecon), an alternative economic model first articulated by Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel.[citation needed]

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