Arbën Xhaferi

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Arbën Xhaferi
Representative at the Macedonian Parliament 1990 - 2012
Personal details
Born (1948-01-24)24 January 1948
Tetovo, FPR Yugoslavia
Died 15 August 2012(2012-08-15) (aged 64)
Skopje Clinical Center, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Political party Democratic Party of Albanians
Alma mater University of Belgrade
Profession Politician

Arbën Xhaferi (24 January 1948 – 15 August 2012) was an Albanian politician in Macedonia. He was born in Tetovo, Yugoslavia, and died in 2012 at the Skopje Hospital after a cerebral hemorrhage. Xhaferi was president of the Democratic Party of Albanians, an ethnic Albanian political party in the Republic of Macedonia, and was an advocate of rights for ethnic Albanians in the country. He is best known for calling for a change in the Preamble of the Constitution. He published two works focusing on the Albanian minority in Macedonia, "The DPA Non-Paper", and "The Challenges of Democracy in Multiethnic States," reiterating the beliefs of the PDPA.

Early life and professional career[edit]

Xhaferi passed most of his life in Pristina. He returned to the biggest Albanian Party, the Party for Democratic Prosperity in years of big contradictions, which ended with the division of this party. From this party came the Albanian Democratic Party, led by Xhaferi until 2007, when he became a honorary leader.

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