Arbetarnas bildningsförbund

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Arbetarnas bildningsförbund
The upper case letters A, B and F, coloured white, enclosed by a white oval, all placed in the lower portion of an upright, red rectangle
A version of the ABF logo
Formation November 16, 1912; 103 years ago (1912-11-16)
Purpose Workers' Educational Association
Headquarters Olof Palmes gata 9
101 30 Stockholm
Coordinates 59°20′10″N 18°03′40″E / 59.336032°N 18.061195°E / 59.336032; 18.061195
Region served
Federal Chair
Helén Pettersson[1]
Federal Secretary
Annika Nilsson[1]
Affiliations Swedish labour movement
Website (Swedish)

Arbetarnas bildningsförbund (ABF) (the Workers' Educational Association) is the educational section of the Swedish labour movement. ABF conducts seminars, classes and study circles on a variety of subjects, including workshops, languages and music.[2]

ABF was founded on 16 November, 1912, by the Swedish Social Democratic Party and some of the trade unions.[2][3] Today, the main members of ABF are the Social Democrats and the Left Party.

There are ABF locations in almost every Swedish town and several in the major cities. Its headquarters are on Olof Palmes gata, near Sveavägen street in Stockholm.[1] In Gothenburg, the ABF building is on Olof Palmes Plats, near Järntorget square.[4]


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