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Arcada Software was a computer software company that was formed in early 1994 by the merger of Conner Software (the software division of Conner Peripherals) of Lake Mary, Florida, and Astora Software, formerly Quest Development Corporation, of San Luis Obispo, California.

Conner Software owned the Backup Exec brand of backup software, while Quest owned the source code behind Symantec Corporation’s Norton Backup for the DOS, Windows and Macintosh computing platforms of the time. In 1995, Arcada acquired the Sytron division of Rexon to become a leader in the OS/2 market as well.

Arcada’s sales revenues grew exponentially over its two year lifespan and was acquired by Seagate Technologies in 1996. Seagate then spun it and the other software companies it had acquired up to that time off into a wholly owned subsidiary called Seagate Software.

The Chief Executive Officer of Arcada was entrepreneur Kevin Azzouz, the founder and President of Quest Development Corporation.