Arcade Game Construction Kit

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Arcade Game Construction Kit
Box art of Arcade Game Construction Kit
Developer(s)Livesay Technologies
Designer(s)Mike Livesay
Platform(s)Commodore 64
Genre(s)Game Creation System

Arcade Game Construction Kit is a 1988 game creation system that allows users to design arcade-style games.[1] It was developed by Mike Livesay and published by Brøderbund for the Commodore 64. AGCK contained four floppy disks. The program features a joystick-driven menu system and a few pre-made games to play.

Included Games[edit]

  • AGCK TUTORIAL GAME -- This is a simple variation on classic arcade shooters such as Galaxian.
  • KANGARANG (designed by Gregory Hammond) -- You play as a kangaroo mother looking to rescue your baby and return to safety. Hazards include falling boulders, jumping fish, monkeys and natives.
  • ISLE QUEST (designed by Greg Johnson and Paul Reiche III) -- You play as a brave explorer in search of new lands and riches. Hazards include pirate ships, hostile natives.
  • MUSASHI (designed by Greg Johnson and Paul Reiche III) -- You play as an ancient samurai warrior looking to rescue his princess. You must fight your way through a fortress, collecting gold, sushi, and the mighty Sword of the Samurai.
  • GERG'S ADVENTURE (designed by Gregory Hammond) -- You play as Gerg, a tiny creature who wants to get back to his home. Gerg must pick up a variety of orbs to power up, and to clear each level.
  • SPACE WORRIES (designed by Paul Reiche III and Greg Johnson) -- You control a space ship, looking to collect mysterious metallic cylinders to destroy an enemy that has taken control of your planet.

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