Arcadians (video game)

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Arcadians box cover.jpg
Developer(s) Aardvark Software
Publisher(s) Acornsoft
Platform(s) Acorn Electron, BBC Micro
Release 1982 (BBC Micro)
1984 (Acorn Electron)
Genre(s) Fixed shooter
Mode(s) 1-2 players alternating

Arcadians is a fixed shooter for the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron programmed by Nick Pelling and released by Acornsoft. It is very similar to the Namco arcade game Galaxian.

The player controls a ship at the bottom of the screen, able to shoot upwards but only so that one shot is on screen at any given time. Above him a pack of aliens move from left to right, then back. From time to time an alien or group of aliens will swoop and attempt to dive bomb the player. Once all aliens have been shot the player advances a stage and faces a more difficult variation on the same challenge.

Subsequently, a license to publish this title was granted to Superior Software, and it was re-released on their compilation The Acornsoft Hits Volume 2 .