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Arcapita, Inc.
Holding company
Founded 1997[1]
Founder First Islamic Investment Bank (now Arcapita Bank)
Headquarters Manama, Bahrain
Number of locations
Atlanta, Bahrain, London, Singapore
Key people
Atif A. Abdulmalik, CEO
Hisham Al Raee, COO
Martin Tan, CIO
Mohammed Chowdhury, Gloval Head of FMG
US$285.7 million (Arcapita Bank)[2]
Number of employees
253 (Arcapita Bank)[2]
Parent Arcapita Bank

Arcapita originates alternative investments, which comply with Shari’ah principles, for its investors and shareholders. At the center of one of the fastest growing wealth markets in the world, Arcapita's management has been serving an exclusive group of investors in the GCC region and Southeast Asia for 17 years. With offices in Bahrain, Atlanta, London and Singapore, Arcapita’s management team has completed over 70 transactions with a total value of approximately $30 billion and possesses a footprint to invest on a global scale. The business is defined by the quality of its people - a management team with extensive experience gained in all market conditions and a group of professionals with deep expertise in their areas of focus.

Name change[edit]

On March 15, 2005, parent company First Islamic Investment Bank and its subsidiaries changed their name to Arcapita and adopted a new logo.[3] The name "Arcapita" is a combination of the words "arc" and "capital", "arc" symbolizing the company's global span, from Atlanta to London to Bahrain. The firm indicated that its name change did not relate to potential anti-Islam sentiments in the regions in which it was operating.[4]

The name change resulted in some controversy as to whether it was done to hide the company's Middle Eastern roots. According to the company, the unified name was introduced to avoid confusion about the relationships between the parent company, First Islamic Investment Bank, and its subsidiaries, Crescent Capital in the U.S. and Crescent Capital (Europe) Ltd., based in London. The company also wanted to reassure investors who were uneasy about the perceived religious association of the old name.[5]

Compliance with Sharia[edit]

Every investment made by Arcapita Bank and its subsidiary corporations is approved by a four-member Sharia advisory board. The board includes a retired judge from Saudi Arabia's Supreme Court, and religious scholars from Pakistan and Bahrain. In accordance with Islamic Sharia law, the company does not invest in any businesses which offer credit or charge interest, or sell pornography, alcohol, or pork products.[5]

According to representatives of the company, the Sharia advisory board does not make decisions about the financial merits of investments, and does not play a role in hiring or promotion of employees.[5]


In January 2014, Arcapita sold its firm U.S.-based Varel International to Swedish engineering firm Sandvik for a total of $740 million.[6]


Arcapita's holdings include:[5]

Former investments[edit]


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