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View of Arcetri area (in the hills above Florence)

Arcetri is a region of Florence, Italy, in the hills to the south of the city centre.


A number of historic buildings are situated there, including the house of the famous scientist Galileo Galilei (called Villa il Gioiello),[1] the Convent of San Matteo and the Torre del Gallo (see image, Italian Torre del Gallo). The Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri is also located there. The church of San Leonardo in Arcetri is the main church of the area.

Galileo Galilei died there on January 8, 1642.

List of landmarks[edit]

The following is a longer list of landmarks in the Arcetri area, with their Italian names:


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Coordinates: 43°45′17″N 11°15′06″E / 43.75485°N 11.2518°E / 43.75485; 11.2518