Arch of Reunification

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Arch of Reunification
Arch of Reunification
Arch of Reunification is located in Pyongyang
Arch of Reunification
Location in Pyongyang
Coordinates38°57′52.300″N 125°42′56.940″E / 38.96452778°N 125.71581667°E / 38.96452778; 125.71581667Coordinates: 38°57′52.300″N 125°42′56.940″E / 38.96452778°N 125.71581667°E / 38.96452778; 125.71581667
LocationPyongyang, North Korea
Width61.5 metres (202 ft)
Height30 metres (98 ft)
Opening dateAugust 2001 (2001-08)
Dedicated to
Arch of Reunification
Revised RomanizationJoguk Tongil Samdae Heonjang Ginyeomtap
McCune–ReischauerChoguk T'ongil Samtae Hŏnjang Kinyŏmt'ap

The Arch of Reunification, officially the Monument to the Three-Point Charter for National Reunification,[1] is a sculptural arch located south of Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. It was opened in August 2001 to commemorate Korean reunification proposals put forward by Kim Il-sung.[2]

The concrete arch straddles the multi-laned Reunification Highway leading from Pyongyang to the DMZ. It consists of two Korean women in traditional dress (Chosŏn-ot), symbolizing the North and the South,[2] leaning forward to jointly uphold a sphere bearing a map of a reunified Korea. The sphere is the emblem of the Three Charters; the Three Principles of National Reunification; the Plan of Establishing the Democratic Federal Republic of Korea and the Ten Point Program of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation. The original plan was to have a 55-metre pillar with three branches to represent Koreans in the north, the south, and overseas.[1]

The plinth of the structure is engraved with messages of support for reunification and peace from various individuals, organizations, and nations.

The arch appeared on a postage stamp in 2002.


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