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Archaeocydippida hunsrueckiana
Temporal range: Emsian
Archaeocydippida hunsrueckiana.JPG
Artist's reconstruction
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Ctenophora
Class: Tentaculata
Order: Cydippida
Genus: Archaeocydippida
Species: A. hunsrueckiana
Binomial name
Archaeocydippida hunsrueckiana
(Stanley & Stürner, 1987)

Archaeocydippida hunsrueckiana is an extinct species of comb jelly in the class Tentaculata, order Cydippida. Only one specimen is known and was found in Early Devonian slate near the German town of Buntenbach, Hunsrück, as a member of the Hunsrück Slate Lagerstätte. It is similar to another species from the same formation, Paleoctenophora brasseli.

A. hunsrueckiana is approximately 400 million years old and shows 8 clearly recognizable comb rows with comb plates.[1]

Both specimens of A. hunsrueckiana and P. brasseli are too delicate to be prepared, and all information extracted from them have been done via radiography.[1]


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