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The Archaeological Museum of Chios is a museum located on Michalon Street in Chios town, Chios, Greece. It was constructed in 1966-1971 and covers a total area of 2500 square metres.[1] 1200 square metres of floor space is occupied by the exhibitions.

The museum underwent renovation in 1998 and reopened in November 1999 and features a collection of antiquities from the Neolithic Era up to the Roman times excavated at the ancient sites of Emporio, Fana, Dotia, Aghio Galas and at Chios town.[2]Many of the artifacts unearthed at the sites were dug by the British School of Archaeology.

The periodical exhibition is housed on the third floor and is named “Psara in Antiquity”. It contains artifacts such as vases, gold jewelry, terracotta figurines and funeral gift items. The Psara collection was found at the Mycenaean Necropolis of Archontiki on Psara Island.[2]Of major note is a prehistoric vase found in Emporio, dated back to the 14th century B.C., geometric amphoras found in the town of Chios, dated to the 8th century B.C. and golden leaves unearthed in a grave at the town of Chios, dated back to the Hellenistic period.[1]


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