Archaeological Museum of Puerto de la Cruz

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Archaeological Museum of Puerto de la Cruz.

The Archaeological Museum of Puerto de la Cruz (Spanish: Museo Arqueológico del Puerto de la Cruz) is a small archaeological museum, located in the town of Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain). One of the most important local museums, it offers an archival collection comprising more than 2,600 specimens of the Guanche culture, and a document collection named after researcher Luis Diego Cuscoy.[1]

The museum has an enormous collection of Guanche aboriginal pottery, including the remains of several ancient Guanche mummies. It contains several unique pieces native to the island, such as two limpet shells, a finding of Telesforo Bravo, and an anthropomorphic figure or clay idol known as "Guatimac".


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Coordinates: 28°25′01″N 16°33′09″W / 28.41694°N 16.55250°W / 28.41694; -16.55250