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Coordinates: 38°50′04″N 35°17′43″E / 38.83458°N 35.295289°E / 38.83458; 35.295289
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Archalla (Greek: Άρχαλλα) was a town of ancient Cappadocia, inhabited during Roman times.[1]

Its site is tentatively located near Erkilet(Under Kocasinan), Asiatic Turkey.[1][2] Although only attested in ancient times, it was presumably inhabited continuously through Byzantine times and into the present day, since its name is preserved in the current name Erkilet.[3] The façade of the extant Mehmed Paşa Camii mosque in Erkilet is built partly using ancient remains as spolia.[3]


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38°50′04″N 35°17′43″E / 38.83458°N 35.295289°E / 38.83458; 35.295289