Archambaud VIII of Bourbon

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Archambaud VIII of Bourbon
Spouse(s) Alix de Forez
Beatrice de Montluçon
Noble family House of Dampierre
Father Guy II of Dampierre
Mother Mathilde of Bourbon
Born 1189
Died 1242

Archambaud VIII of Bourbon, nicknamed the Great, (1189-1242) was a ruler (sire) of Bourbonnais in the modern region of Auvergne, France. His parents were Guy II of Dampierre and Mathilde of Bourbon.[1]

Archambaud’s first wife was Alix de Forez. They married in 1205. Before she was repudiated, Alix bore:

Archambaud later married Beatrice de Montluçon,[3] who bore him;


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Archambaud VIII of Bourbon
Born: 1189 Died: 1242
Preceded by
Sire de Bourbon Succeeded by
Archambaud IX