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Archangel from the Winter's End Chronicles is an ongoing, action-adventure steampunk web series. The series began in 2013 and is still running through the present (2015). The story takes place in a dark, steampunk world of 1893 London, where a masked vigilante leads an underground resistance in an ongoing fight against a tyrannical regime, which has their sights set on world domination.

The Story[edit]

It is London, 1893. This is not the romantic Victorian metropolis we’ve come to know at the end of our 19th Century. Rather, it is a steampunk world that H.G. Wells or Jules Verne would have imagined. The last fifty years leading up to this story has brought advancements in just about every aspect of human endeavor. The world has harnessed the might of steel and the power of steam. Men have conquered the skies, the seas and energies never dreamed imagined. It should be a time of peace and great celebration. But as the world's technology progresses, so does the vermin that infest and prey upon the weak. People can no longer live free or without fear. Skyraiders, crime bosses and gangs now control London and other capital cities throughout the world. And, at the heart of this infestation is a powerful regime known as The Legion.

Led by Benton Cross, a multi-billionaire megalomaniac, The Legion now controls seven of the most powerful countries of the world, including the United States. He has turned these lands into militaristic police states, governed by ruthless female warlords, who rule with iron fists. However, there are still pockets of men and women, who would choose to live free or die, rather than exist in slavery. One such man is Londoner, Lieutenant Colonel Brenden Winter of Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service. He seeks vengeance for the people and the cities that have been lost…but not without a price. The life he knew is now gone forever. He has decided to fake his death, so his wife Emily and son Jon cannot be harmed by his rebellious actions. He has been reborn to protect them and others like them. He is now Dr. Heywood Atkinson, local physician in East Finchley, North London. His modest offices overlook St. Pancras Cemetery. He can now hide in plain sight and plan the destruction of these evil organizations. He is not alone in this mission. Colleagues, friends and agents throughout the world, who share this taste of freedom, have pledged to fight these criminals at every turn. The Resistance is growing. Together, they have made unity their armor and technology their weapon.

Deep below the sacred grounds of St. Pancras Cemetery, they have constructed a wondrous base of operations. Battle armor able to withstand any bullet, volta-blades capable of slicing through the thickest iron and chemicals with the ability to melt human flesh are but some of the defensive munitions they have created. The Legion has seen the wrath of this weaponry, delivered by the one man who is spearheading these attacks. Brenden Winter has chosen to lead this fight, wearing the mask and armor of an avenger. He has become the city…every street, every alley, every shadow. He has become both protector and executioner. His enemies fear him and they have renamed him. They call him, the Archangel.

Archangel is a show built around characters. Even though the episodes take place in an alternate, steampunk realm, the stories still concentrate around human adventures. The loss of freedom, the strength of family, the battle against evil and immeasurable strength people can muster, when all else seems hopeless, are but a few of the obstacles the characters face.

Episode I - Ascension[edit]

Episode I is a back story. It began life as an advertising effort to promote a line of steampunk clothes and accessories from a company called Museum Replicas Limited. However, writer/director David Di Pietro felt that it would be more exciting to develop a "world" in which these pieces existed. So, the germ of Archangel was born. This first episode, entitled Ascension tells the brief background of Brenden Winter and how he faked his own death, in order to save the ones he loves from becoming involved in his fight for freedom. The production was shot in HD in Conyers, GA for a few thousand dollars. However, the excitement and buzz about this little video created enough of a stir, that a second episode was planned, with a more "realistic" budget in place.

Episode II - Eye of the Hunter[edit]

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Episode III - Deadliest of the Species[edit]

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