Jonathan Ansar

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His Eminence
Jonathan Ansar
Archbishop Jonathan Ansar.JPG
Personal details
Birth name Syed Mohammed Ansar Hussain
Born (1950-12-10) 10 December 1950 (age 66)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Residence The Metropolitan Archbishop's House, Ambala City, Haryana State, India.
Spouse Raj Prabha (1986–present)
Children 3

Archbishop Jonathan Ansar (born 10 December 1950) is a Bible teacher and preacher. He trained and sent church leaders to various field of ministry within India and abroad. He preaches and teaches through television programs in UK, India and abroad. A biography was transmitted in 2001 on ‘In Depth’ program hosted by David Aldous, aired on God TV, UK. [1][2]

Brief Background[edit]

Metropolitan Archbishop Jonathan Ansar, previously known as Syed Mohammed Ansar Hussain, was born to Abdullah and Sakina Sultan at Mumbai, India into the Royal Orthodox Muslim family. His mother is the great great granddaughter to the Last Mughal Emperor of India, Abu Zafar Sirajuddin Muhammad Bahadur Shah Zafar (popularly known as Bahadur Shah II), and great granddaughter to Mirza Jawan Bakht. He was educated in both religious and secular education.

Early Days[edit]

As a young child he was trained in Islamic Religious Education to become a "Hafiz" - one who memorizes the Koran from cover to cover. As a Muslim youth leader he opposed conversion of Muslims to Christianity and Christians preaching the Gospel in Burma. He published an article "Jesus Died in Kashmir", a two-page handout which stated that Jesus was not crucified, but instead another person who looked like him was crucified. The handout also stated that Jesus went to Kashmir, where he died a natural death and was buried.

Conversion Story[edit]

On 14 February 1970 Ansar had a vision and was hospitalized. When discharged from hospital, he decided to follow Jesus, which quickly estranged him from his family. Later while visiting a Roman Catholic church, he was refused communion. Afterward he entered a Baptist church where he was offered communion and baptised on 10 April 1970. He changed his name from Syed Mohamed Ansar Hussain to Jonathan Ansar. [3]


Ansar is married to Raj Prabha on 7 Aug 1986 and they have three children. They currently reside at their residence in Ambala City, Haryana State, India