Ukrainian Orthodox Eparchy of Western Canada

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Edmonton and Western Canada
Ecclesiastical province Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada
Churches ≈60
Cathedral St. John, Edmonton
Holy Trinity, Vancouver
Current leadership
Bishop Bishop Ilarion (Roman Rudnyk)
St. John Cathedral (Edmonton) is the primary seat of the Archbishop of Edmonton and Western Canada.

The Western Eparchy is an eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, which itself is under the Ecumenical Patriarchate. The current bishop for the eparchy is Ilarion (Roman Rudnyk), and he is stylized as Bishop of Edmonton, and the Western Eparchy. The last serving bishop for the diocese was Metropolitan John (Stinka), who went on to become the UOCC's Metropolitan, and Archbishop of Winnipeg. John (Stinka) served in the capacity of "Bishop of Edmonton" for 20 years (1985–2005). Ilarion was elected as Bishop of Edmonton at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church's Sobor (Church Council) on August 23, 2008, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This election was later ratified by the Ecumenical Patriarchate's Holy and Sacred Synod, and he was enthroned as Bishop of Edmonton on Sunday, October 26, 2008, at St. John's Cathedral by Metropolitan John.

The Western Eparchy consists of the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, and has about 60 churches (most of them country churches), and two cathedral churches (St. John's Cathedral, Edmonton, and Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral).

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