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The former French Catholic archdiocese of Embrun was suppressed after the French Revolution. Its see was Embrun Cathedral.

It had as suffragans the diocese of Digne, diocese of Antibes and Grasse, diocese of Vence, diocese of Glandèves, diocese of Senez and diocese of Nice.


Palladius of Embrun was a bishop of Embrun during the 6th century.

Tradition ascribes the evangelization of Embrun to Saints Nazarius and Celsus, martyrs under emperor Nero.

The first bishop was St. Marcellinus (354-74).

Other bishops of Embrun were St. Albinus (400-37); St. Palladius (first half of the sixth century); St. Eutherius (middle of the seventh century); St. James (eighth century); St. Alphonsus (eighth century); St. Marcellus (end of the eighth century), whom Charlemagne sent to evangelize Saxony; St. Bernard (805-25), under whose episcopate Charlemagne enriched the diocese of Embrun; St. Benedict (beginning of the tenth century), martyred by the Saracen invaders; St. Liberalis (920-40); St. Hismide (1027–45); St. Guillaume (1120-34), founder of the celebrated Abbey of Boscodon; St. Bernard Chabert (1213–35), Blessed Henry of Segusio (1250–71), known as (H)Ostiensis, i.e. Cardinal Bishop of Ostia, an orator and canonist of renown; the Dominican Raimond of Mévolhon (1289–94), who defended the doctrine of Thomas Aquinas against the English theologians; Bertrand of Deaux (1323–38), who as the legate of Clement VI at Rome did much to bring about the downfall of Rienzi; Jacques Gelu (1427–32), one of the first prelates to recognize the supernatural vocation of Joan of Arc; Giulio de' Medici (1510–11), later pope under the name of Clement VII; Cardinal François de Tournon (1517–26), employed on diplomatic missions by king Francis I of France, and founder of the College de Tournon; Cardinal de Tencin (1724–40), who in September, 1727, caused the condemnation by the Council of Embrun of the Jansenist Soanen, Bishop of his suffragan see of Senez.

St. Vincent Ferrer preached several missions against the Vaudois in the Diocese of Embrun.

Besides the bishops named the following are honored as saints in the present Diocese of Gap: Vincent, Orontius and Victor, martyrs in Spain in the fourth century, the anchorite Veranus (sixth century), afterwards Bishop of Cavaillon, and the anchorite St. Donatus (sixth century).

When the diocese of Gap was re-established in 1822 it comprised, besides the ancient Diocese of Gap, a large part of the ancient archdiocese of Embrun. The name of this last metropolitan see, however, had been absorbed in the title of the Archbishop of Aix until 2007. In 2008, the title was reattached to the diocese of Gap by the pope.[1]


  • † c.374: Saint Marcellin
  • 374: Artemius
  • c.400: Saint Jakob I.
  • 439: Armentaire
  • 441 to c.475: Ingenuus
  • 517: Catulin
  • Gallicanus I
  • Saint Palladius
  • c.541 to c.549: Gallicanus II
  • c.567: Saloine
  • c.585 to c.588: Emerite
  • 614: Lopacharus
  • c.630: Saint Albin
  • c.650 to c.653: Ætherius
  • c.740: Vualchinus
  • c.791–794: Marcellus



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