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Lund Cathedral in c. 1870, before Helgo Zettervall's changes to the western end of the building.
Sculpture in Dalby Heligkorskyrka of Egino, Bishop of Lund 1062–1075.
Absalon's gravestone in the monastery church in Sorø, Denmark, Absalon was Archbishop of Lund 1177–1201.
Torben Bille was Lund's and Denmark's last Catholic archbishop, removed from his office as a result of the Danish reformation in 1536.

List of (arch)bishops of Lund. Until the Danish reformation the centre of a great Latin (arch)bishopric, Lund has been in Sweden since the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658. The Diocese of Lund is now one of thirteen in the Church of Sweden.

Catholic Episcopate[edit]

(all Roman Rite; some dates disputed according to the source)

Suffragan Bishops of Lund
  • Henrik (1060–1065? or 1048? – death 1060.08.21)
  • Egino (1065? – death 1072.10.19); ?former bishop of Dalby
  • Ricwald (1072?1075 – death 1089.05.26)
  • Ascer (1089 – 1103 see below)
Metropolitan Archbishops of Lund

Lutheran Superintendents and Bishops[edit]

Peder Winstrup was bishop at the time the diocese of Lund went from Denmark to Sweden.
Wilhelm Faxe was bishop for 43 years (1811–1854), a period beaten only by bishop Ascer in the early Middle Ages.
Christina Odenberg, Bishop 1997–2007, was the first woman to be bishop in Lund as well as within the church of Sweden.

Denmark recaptured Scania 1676-1679, Peder Winstrup continued as Bishop during these years.

In Sweden

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