Archduchess María of Austria (b. 1967)

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Archduchess María
Princess María of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (more)
Born (1967-04-05) 5 April 1967 (age 49)
Madrid, Spain
Spouse Archduke Simeon of Austria (m. 1996)
Issue Archduke Johannes
Archduke Ludwig
Archduchess Isabelle
Archduchess Carlotta
Archduke Philipp
Full name
María Paloma Diana Irene
House Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Father Infante Carlos, Duke of Calabria
Mother Princess Anne d'Orléans
Religion Roman Catholic
House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
COA Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.PNG
Charles VII of Naples and V of Sicily
Princess Maria Josefa
Maria Luisa, Holy Roman Empress
Infante Philip, Duke of Calabria
Charles IV of Spain
Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies
Principe Gabriele
Principe Antonio Pasquale
Principe Francesco Saverio
Ferdinand I
Maria Theresa, Holy Roman Empress
Maria Luisa, Grand Duchess of Tuscany
Prince Carlo Tito, Duke of Calabria
Princess Maria Anna
Francis I of the Two Sicilies
Maria Cristina, Queen of Sardinia
Princess Maria Cristina Amelia
Prince Gennaro
Prince Giuseppe
Maria Amalia, Queen of the French
Maria Antonia, Princess of Asturias
Princess Maria Clotilde
Princess Maria Henrietta
Leopoldo, Prince of Salerno
Prince Alberto
Princess Maria Isabella
Francesco I
Princess Caroline, Duchess of Berry
Prince Ferdinand
Princess Luisa Carlotta, Infanta of Spain
Maria Christina, Queen of Spain
Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies
Charles Ferdinand, Prince of Capua
Prince Leopold, Count of Syracuse
Maria Antonia, Grand Duchess of Tuscany
Prince Antonio, Count of Lecce
Princess Maria Amalia
Princess Maria Carolina, Countess of Montemolin
Teresa Cristina, Empress of Brazil
Prince Louis, Count of Aquila
Prince Francis, Count of Trapani
Ferdinand II
Francis II of the Two Sicilies
Prince Louis, Count of Trani
Prince Albert Maria, Count of Castrogiovanni
Prince Alfonso, Count of Caserta
Maria Annunciata, Archduchess Charles Louis of Austria
Maria Immaculata, Archduchess Karl Salvator of Austria
Prince Gaetan, Count of Girgenti
Prince Giuseppe, Count of Lucera
Maria Pia, Duchess of Parma
Prince Vincenzo, Count of Melazzo
Prince Pasquale, Count of Bari
Maria Luisa, Countess of Bardi
Prince Januarius, Count of Caltagirone
Francis II
Princess Cristina of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Ferdinand Pius, Duke of Calabria
Prince Carlos
Prince Francesco di Paola
Princess Maria Immacolata
Princess Maria Cristina
Princess Maria delle Grazie
Princess Maria Giuseppina
Prince Gennaro
Prince Ranieri, Duke of Castro
Prince Filippo
Prince Francesco d'Assisi
Prince Gabriel
Ferdinando Pio
Princess Maria Antonietta
Princess Maria Cristina
Prince Ruggiero Maria, Duke of Noto
Princess Barbara
Princess Lucia, Duchess of Genoa
Princess Urraca

Archduchess María of Austria (née Princess María of Bourbon-Two Sicilies; 5 April 1967[1][2]) is a princess of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and the wife of Archduke Simeon of Austria.


María is the second-eldest daughter[1][2] of Infante Carlos, Duke of Calabria and his wife Princess Anne d'Orléans.[3][4]

Marriage and issue[edit]

María married Archduke Simeon of Austria, third eldest child of Archduke Rudolf of Austria and his first wife Countess Xenia Czernichev-Besobrasov, on 13 July 1996 in La Toledana, Spain. The couple has five children:[3][4]

  • Archduke Johannes Rudolf Antonio Maria of Austria (born 29 October 1997 in Hohenems, Austria). His godparents are his paternal grandfather Archduke Rudolf of Austria and maternal grandmother Princess Anne, Duchess of Calabria
  • Archduke Ludwig Christian Fransikus Maria of Austria (born 16 November 1998 in Grabs, Switzerland). His godparents are his paternal aunt Princess Maria Anna Galitzine and his maternal aunt Princess Cristina of Bourbon-Sicily [5]
  • Archduchess Isabelle Rocio Maravillas Lourdes of Austria (born 14 September 2000 in Grabs, Switzerland)
  • Archduchess Carlotta Adelaïde Teresa María of Austria (born 16 January 2003 in Grabs, Switzerland)
  • Archduke Philipp Jozef Christian María of Austria (born 15 January 2007 in Grabs, Switzerland)

María is also godmother to Count Costantino Secco di Aragona, oldest son of her sister-in-law Archduchess Catharina-Maria of Austria and to Prince Pierre d'Orléans, son of her cousin Prince Eudes, Duke of Angoulême.

Titles, styles, honours, and arms[edit]

Royal styles of
Archduchess María of Austria
Reference style Her Imperial and Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Imperial and Royal Highness
Alternative style Ma'am

Titles and styles[edit]

  • 5 April 1967 – 16 December 1994: Her Royal Highness Princess María of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
  • 16 December 1994 – 13 July 1996: Her Royal Highness Princess María of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Grandee of Spain
  • 13 July 1996 – present: Her Imperial and Royal Highness Archduchess María of Austria, Princess Imperial of Austria, Princess Royal of Hungary and Bohemia, Princess of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Grandee of Spain[3][4]




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