Archduchess Maria Alice of Austria

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Archduchess Maria Alice
Baroness Waldbott of Bassenheim
Archduchess Maria Alice of Austria-Teschen (1893 – 1962).jpg
Born (1893-01-15)15 January 1893
Pressburg, Austria-Hungary
Died 1 July 1962(1962-07-01) (aged 69)
Halbturn, Austria
Spouse Baron Friedrich Heinrich Waldbott of Bassenheim
Issue Baroness Maria Imakulata
Baron Anton
Baron Paul
Baroness Isabella
Baroness Stephanie
Baron Josef
Full name
German: Maria Alice von Österreich-Teschen
House Habsburg-Lorraine
Father Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen
Mother Princess Isabella of Croÿ

Archduchess Maria Alice of Austria-Teschen (15 January 1893 – 1 July 1962) was the youngest daughter of Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen and his wife, Princess Isabella of Croÿ.[1] She was a member of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine (her grandfather, Archduke Karl Ferdinand of Austria, was a grandson of Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II). Archduchess Alice married Baron Friedrich Heinrich Waldbott of Bassenheim.


Archduchess Maria Alice was the eighth daughter of Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen and his wife Princess Isabella of Croÿ. Some of her siblings included Maria Anna, Princess of Bourbon-Parma and Maria Christina, Hereditary Princess of Salm-Salm. She was a first cousin of King Alphonso XIII of Spain.


After World War I, at the age of 27, Archduchess Maria Alice married Baron Friedrich Heinrich Waldbott of Bassenheim (1889–1959) who was three years older than her. They were married in Lucerne, Switzerland on 8 May 1920. They settled in Hungary, where they managed family estates. They had six children, all born in Hungary:

  • Baroness Maria Imakulata of Bassenheim (27 July 1921–unknown) she married Count Hans of Törring-Jettenbach (younger son of Duchess Sophie Adelheid in Bavaria) on 10 December 1947. They have five children and five grandchildren:
    • Countess Alice Maria Immaculata Sophie Isabella of Törring-Jettenbach (5 June 1949)
    • Countess Marie-Jose Gabrielle Stefanie of Törring-Jettenbach (27 October 1950)
    • Count Hans-Kaspar Heribert Veit Friedrich of Törring-Jettenbach (22 July 1953) he married Countess Maria of Waldburg of Zeil and Trauchburg (the granddaughter of Prince Franz of Bavaria) on 30 April 1980. They have five children:
      • Countess Maria Antonia Sophie Immaculata of Törring-Jettenbach (22 June 1981)
      • Countess Eleonore Gabriele Isabelle of Törring-Jettenbach (16 February 1984)
      • Countess Fernanda Maria Alice of Törring-Jettenbach (17 December 1985)
      • Count Cajetan Anton Gaudenz Tassilo of Törring-Jettenbach (29 December 1986)
      • Count Georg Clemens Friedrich of Törring-Jettenbach (3 November 1989)
    • Count Maximillian-Gaudenz Karl Ludwig Wilhelm of Törring-Jettenbach (29 January 1955 – 6 January 1997)
    • Countess Sophie Maria Antonia Eleonore of Törring-Jettenbach (26 March 1957)
  • Baron Anton Waldbott of Bassenheim (24 August 1922–unknown) he married Thea Schonpflug on 9 May 1960. They have four children:
    • Baron Christian Waldbott of Bassenheim (19 April 1961)
    • Baroness Christine Waldbott of Bassenheim (6 August 1963)
    • Baron Peter Waldbott of Bassenheim (24 January 1966)
    • Baroness Alice Waldbott of Bassenheim (24 January 1966)
  • Baron Paul Waldbott of Bassenheim (9 February 1924 – 21 February 2008) he married Countess Marie Therese of Wickenburg-Capellini on 16 June 1958.
  • Baroness Isabelle of Bassenheim (20 April 1926 – 9 May 2009) she married Count Pongracz of Somssich de Saard on 23 April 1952. They have three sons and two granddaughters:
    • Count Istvan of Somssich de Saard (23 May 1953)
    • Count Gabor of Somssich de Saard (14 March 1955) he married Araceli Salvatierra on 14 December 1994. They have one daughter:
      • Countess Olivia of Somssich de Saard (24 June 1997)
    • Count Christoph of Somssich de Saard (26 July 1960) he married Isabelle de Bruyn on 1 September 1990. They have one daughter:
      • Countess Stephanie of Somssich de Saard (29 September 1991)
  • Baroness Stephanie of Bassenheim (19 November 1929) she married Countess John of Koenigsegg-Aulendorf on 27 September 1955. They have three children and seven grandchildren:
    • Countess Isabelle Gabrielle Maria Appolonia Eusebia of Konigsegg-Aulendorf (23 July 1956) she married Count Adam-Petrus of Schall-Riaucour on 28 June 1987. They have one son:
      • Count Vincenz of Schall-Riaucour (19 November 1992)
    • Count Maximilian of Konigsegg-Aulendorf (16 June 1958) he married Countess Marie Valerie Kinsky on 26 September 1987. They have four children:
      • Count Philipp of Konigsegg-Aulendorf (10 August 1988)
      • Count Nikolaus of Konigsegg-Aulendorf (7 August 1990)
      • Countess Marie-Alice of Konigsegg-Aulendorf (1 August 1992)
      • Countess Marie-Gabrielle Theresa Anna Eusebia of Konigsegg-Aulendorf (29 August 1995)
    • Count Markus of Konigsegg-Aulendorf (16 May 1963) he married Countess Philippa of Waldburg to Zeil and Trauchburg on 23 May 1990. They have two children:
      • Countess Nathalie Isabelle Cacile Eusebia of Konigsegg-Aulendorf (22 November 1991)
      • Count Constantin Maximilian Imre Eusebius of Konigsegg-Aulendorf (5 November 1993)
  • Baron Josef Waldbott of Bassenheim (26 January 1933)

Until the end of World War II in 1945, Maria Alice and her husband were landowners in Hungary, but they lost their properties after expropriation in 1945 and left the country to avoid being captured by the Communists. They moved to Bavaria to a property of their son-in-law, Count Hans Heribert von Törring-Jettenbach, who married their eldest daughter. Their second son, Paul Baron Waldbott von Bassenheim, inherited Schloss Halbturn at the death of Maria Alice's only brother, Archduke Albrecht, in 1955.



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