Archenhold Observatory

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Archenhold Observatory
Berlin Treptow Archenhold Sternwarte.jpg
Location Berlin, Germany
Coordinates 52°29′09″N 13°28′34″E / 52.48583°N 13.47611°E / 52.48583; 13.47611Coordinates: 52°29′09″N 13°28′34″E / 52.48583°N 13.47611°E / 52.48583; 13.47611
Established 1 May 1896

The Archenhold Observatory, named in honor of Friedrich Simon Archenhold, is an observatory in Berlin-Treptow.

It was opened to the public on 1 May 1896 as the Treptow Observatory to coincide with the Great Industrial Exposition of Berlin. Based on Archenhold's design it contained what was then the world's longest telescope, with a focal length of 21 m (69 ft). The Observatory was named after Archenhold at its 50th anniversary in 1946. The telescope was deactivated from 1958–1983 for repairs, and remains functional to this day[1]

Great Refractor

The observatory is also noted as the location of Albert Einstein's first public lecture on the Theory of Relativity in Berlin.


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