Archaeology Museum, Pasca

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Archaeology Museum
Museo Arqueológico de Pasca
Muisca raft - detail - Museo del Oro, Bogotá.jpg
The museum holds a replica of the famous Muisca raft
Archaeology Museum, Pasca is located in Colombia
Archaeology Museum, Pasca
Location within Colombia
LocationCalle 1 with Carrera 5
Pasca,  Colombia
Coordinates04°18′31.8″N 74°17′59.3″W / 4.308833°N 74.299806°W / 4.308833; -74.299806Coordinates: 04°18′31.8″N 74°17′59.3″W / 4.308833°N 74.299806°W / 4.308833; -74.299806
Collection size2500
FounderJaime Hincapié Santamaría

The Archaeology Museum of Pasca (Spanish: Museo Arqueológico de Pasca) is an archaeological museum located in Pasca, Colombia. It houses a great collection of Pre-Columbian objects and human remains, including Muisca mummies. It has a replica of the famous golden raft, Balsa Muisca, found near this town that represents the El Dorado rite. The museum hosts a piece of Muisca textile from Belén, Boyacá.[1] The total collection numbers 2500 pieces.[2] Apart from the Muisca artifacts, the museum hosts material from the Tairona, Calima, Quimbaya, Sinú, San Agustín and Tierradentro, among others.[3]

It also has a botanic garden,[4] with stuffed animals and a large insectarium.[2] It was founded in 1969 by the Roman Catholic priest Jaime Hincapié Santamaría.[4]

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