Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy of Amida

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Archeparchy of Diyarbakır
Amidensis Chaldaeorum
Diyarbakır'dan bir Archeparchy
Country Turkey
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
Parishes 9
Rite Chaldean rite
Established 1553 (As Eparchy of Diarbekir)
3 January 1966 (As Archeparchy of Diarbekir)
Cathedral Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Diyarbakır
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako
Archbishop Sede Vacante
Apostolic Administrator François Yakan

The Archeparchy of Amida (or Diyarbakır) is the Chaldaean rite Catholic diocese of Turkey, with its archiepiscopal see in Diyarbakır, Turkish Kurdistan.


It was first established in 1531 as the Chaldean Diocese of Amid(a), but was left vacant after the Assyrian Genocide and lapsed after the death of its Archbisop in 1923. Its episcopal see was historically located in Diyarbekir, and it still is in modern day, but the archeparch (or archbishop) now resides in Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

In June 1915 it gained territory from the suppressed Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Seert (now a titular see), and again on 3 July 1957 from the suppressed Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Gazireh (which isn't even a titular see anymore). It was promoted to an Archeparchy (Eastern Catholic archdiocese) on 3 January 1966 and a new Archbishop was ordained to fill the role. Since that point, it has been the sole Chaldean Diocese in Turkey, and in effect resides over all of Turkeys Chaldeans.

The Archeparch (archbishop) is immediately subject to the Patriarch of Babylon, who heads the Chaldean Catholic Church.


The most recent data indicates that the Chaldean population is 7,640, up from 6,000 in 1980.[1]


1980 6,000

1990 1,400

1999 5,000

2001 5,100

2002 5,100

2003 4,800

2004 5,925

2006 4,226

2009 6,219

2013 7,640

Episcopal incumbents[edit]




  • Gabriel Batta (1966.01.03 – 1977.03.07)
  • Paul Karatas (1977.03.07 – 2005.01.16)
  • apostolic administrator François Yakan (2007 - ... )


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