Archery Association of India

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Archery Association of India
Official logo of Archery Association of India.jpg
Sport Archery
Abbreviation (AAI)
Founded 8 August 1973
Affiliation International Archery Federation
Affiliation date 1973
Regional affiliation Asian Archery Federation
Affiliation date 1978
Location New Delhi
President Prof Vijay Kumar Malhotra[1]
Secretary Paresh Nath Mukherjee[1]
Coach Limba Ram
Official website

Archery Association of India (AAI) (Hindi: भारतीय तीरंदाजी संघ) is the national governing body of archery in India. Its headquarters are located in New Delhi, and its current president is Vijay Kumar Malhotra. AAI is a non-profit, government funded organisation affiliated by International Archery Federation (IAF), Asian Archery Federation (AAF) and Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and recoginsed by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of India.[2][3]

AAI came into existence on 8 August 1973 after archery was reintroduced to the Olympic Games in 1972. It is responsible to organise, promote and control the sport of archery in India.[3]

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