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The Archery World Cup is a competition, started in 2006, organized by the World Archery Federation, where the archers compete in four different stages in four different countries and the best eight archers of each category (from 2010, four archers during 2006-09) advance to an additional stage to contest the Archery World Cup Final. This form of competition was introduced following the success of the 2003 World Archery Championships in New York and the 2004 Summer Olympics with the intent of making the sport more popular and attractive to spectators, with the matches being held in 'spectacular' locations and the final matches being broadcast online.[1] It has received plaudits for its innovative approach to the sport, raising its profile and reach.[2][3]

From 2013, the World Cup is broadcast live on Eurosport.[4] It carries sponsorship from Kia and Longines, which supports the annual Longines Prize of Precision for archery, for the "best male and female athletes that master bow and arrow through concentration, balance, accuracy, and skill".[5]

Prize money[edit]

In the World Cup Finals the prize money for the individual competitions in 2018 was:[6]

  • 1st place: 20,000 CHF
  • 2nd place: 10,000 CHF
  • 3rd place: 5,000 CHF
  • 4th place: 1,000 CHF

For each individual World Cup stage, the prize money offered for individual competitions in 2013 was:

  • 1st place: 2,000 CHF
  • 2nd place: 1,000 CHF
  • 3rd place: 500 CHF

Host venues[edit]

The following venues have hosted stages of the World Cup Final.

Year Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Final
2006 Croatia Porec Turkey Antalya El Salvador San Salvador China Shanghai Mexico Mérida
2007 South Korea Ulsan Italy Varese Turkey Antalya United Kingdom Dover United Arab Emirates Dubai
2008 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Croatia Porec France Boé Switzerland Lausanne
2009 China Shanghai Denmark Copenhagen
2010 Croatia Porec Turkey Antalya United States Ogden United Kingdom Edinburgh
2011 Turkey Istanbul
2012 China Shanghai n/c: 2012 Olympics Japan Tokyo
2013 Colombia Medellin Poland Wroclaw France Paris
2014 Colombia Medellin Turkey Antalya Switzerland Lausanne
2015 Turkey Antalya Poland Wroclaw Colombia Medellin Mexico Mexico City
2016 Colombia Medellin Turkey Antalya n/c: 2016 Olympics Denmark Odense
2017 Turkey Antalya United States Salt Lake City Germany Berlin Italy Rome
2018 Turkey Samsun
2019 Colombia Medellin China Shanghai Turkey Antalya TBC

The host cities for 2018-19 will be Salt Lake City, Berlin, Antalya and Shanghai, with scheduling to be confirmed.[7]

Past winners[edit]



Finals Gold Silver Bronze
Mexico 2006 Mérida  Park Kyung-mo (KOR)  Ilario Di Buò (ITA)  Magnus Petersson (SWE)
United Arab Emirates 2007 Dubai  Baljinima Tsyrempilov (RUS)  Juan René Serrano (MEX)  Alan Wills (GBR)
Switzerland 2008 Lausanne  Im Dong-hyun (KOR)  Viktor Ruban (UKR)  Romain Girouille (FRA)
Denmark 2009 Copenhagen  Marco Galiazzo (ITA)  Simon Terry (GBR)  Romain Girouille (FRA)
United Kingdom 2010 Edinburgh  Brady Ellison (USA)  Im Dong-hyun (KOR)  Jayanta Talukdar (IND)
Turkey 2011 Istanbul  Brady Ellison (USA)  Dai Xiaoxiang (CHN)  Dmytro Hrachov (UKR)
Japan 2012 Tokyo  Kim Woo-jin (KOR)  Brady Ellison (USA)  Gaël Prévost (FRA)
France 2013 Paris  Oh Jin-hyek (KOR)  Dai Xiaoxiang (CHN)  Brady Ellison (USA)
Switzerland 2014 Lausanne  Brady Ellison (USA)  Marcus D'Almeida (BRA)  Rick van der Ven (NED)
Mexico 2015 Mexico City  Miguel Alvariño García (ESP)  Jean-Charles Valladont (FRA)  Kim Woo-jin (KOR)
Denmark 2016 Odense  Brady Ellison (USA)  Sjef van den Berg (NED)  Ku Bon-chan (KOR)
Italy 2017 Rome  Kim Woo-jin (KOR)  Brady Ellison (USA)  Im Dong-hyun (KOR)
Turkey 2018 Samsun  Kim Woo-jin (KOR)  Lee Woo Seok (KOR)  Brady Ellison (USA)


Finals Gold Silver Bronze
Mexico 2006 Mérida  Zhang Juanjuan (CHN)  Qian Jialing (CHN)  Elena Tonetta (ITA)
United Arab Emirates 2007 Dubai  Dola Banerjee (IND)  Choi Eun-young (KOR)  Natalya Erdyniyeva (RUS)
Switzerland 2008 Lausanne  Justyna Mospinek (POL)  Park Sung-hyun (KOR)  Yun Ok-hee (KOR)
Denmark 2009 Copenhagen  Kwak Ye-ji (KOR)  Zhao Ling (CHN)  Yun Ok-hee (KOR)
United Kingdom 2010 Edinburgh  Yun Ok-hee (KOR)  Victoriya Koval (UKR)  Ki Bo-bae (KOR)
Turkey 2011 Istanbul  Cheng Ming (CHN)  Deepika Kumari (IND)  Bérengère Schuh (FRA)
Japan 2012 Tokyo  Ki Bo-bae (KOR)  Deepika Kumari (IND)  Choi Hyeon-ju (KOR)
France 2013 Paris  Yun Ok-hee (KOR)  Deepika Kumari (IND)  Cui Yuanyuan (CHN)
Switzerland 2014 Lausanne  Aída Román (MEX)  Cheng Ming (CHN)  Xu Jing (CHN)
Mexico 2015 Mexico City  Choi Mi-sun (KOR)  Deepika Kumari (IND)  Le Chien-ying (TPE)
Denmark 2016 Odense  Ki Bo-bae (KOR)  Choi Mi-sun (KOR)  Tan Ya-ting (TPE)
Italy 2017 Rome  Ki Bo-bae (KOR)  Ksenia Perova (RUS)  Chang Hye-jin (KOR)
Turkey 2018 Samsun  Lee Eun Gyeong (KOR)  Yasemin Anagoz (TUR)  Deepika Kumari (IND)

Mixed Team[edit]

Finals Gold Silver Bronze
Mexico 2006 Mérida
United Arab Emirates 2007 Dubai
Switzerland 2008 Lausanne
Denmark 2009 Copenhagen China China
Zhao Ling
Xing Yu
Denmark Denmark
Carina Christiansen
Morten Caspersen
United Kingdom 2010 Edinburgh United States United States
Khatuna Lorig
Jake Kaminski
United Kingdom Great Britain
Naomi Folkard
Simon Terry
Turkey 2011 Istanbul South Korea South Korea
Jung Dasomi
Oh Jin-hyek
Turkey Turkey
Natalia Nasaridze
Yagiz Yilmaz
Japan 2012 Tokyo United States United States
Jennifer Nichols
Brady Ellison
Japan Japan
Miki Kanie
Takaharu Furukawa
France 2013 Paris South Korea South Korea
Yun Ok-hee
Oh Jin-hyek
France France
Cyrielle Cotry
Gaël Prévost
Switzerland 2014 Lausanne Mexico Mexico
Aída Román
Eduardo Vélez
Switzerland Switzerland
Iliana Deineko
Florian Faber
Mexico 2015 Mexico City South Korea South Korea
Choi Mi-sun
Kim Woo-jin
Mexico Mexico
Alejandra Valencia
Luis Álvarez
Denmark 2016 Odense South Korea South Korea
Choi Mi-sun
Ku Bon-chan
Denmark Denmark
Maja Jager
Johan Weiss
Italy 2017 Rome South Korea South Korea
Chang Hye-jin
Kim Woojin
Italy Italy
Vanessa Landi
Mauro Nespoli
Turkey 2018 Samsun South Korea South Korea
Chang Hye-jin
Kim Woojin
Turkey Turkey
Yasemin Anagoz
Mete Gazoz



Finals Gold Silver Bronze
Mexico 2006 Mérida  Reo Wilde (USA)  Peter Elzinga (NED)  Jorge Jimenez (ESA)
United Arab Emirates 2007 Dubai  Jorge Jimenez (ESA)  Braden Gellenthien (USA)  Roberval dos Santos (BRA)
Switzerland 2008 Lausanne  Dietmar Trillus (CAN)  Patrizio Hofer (SUI)  Patrick Coghlan (AUS)
Denmark 2009 Copenhagen  Sergio Pagni (ITA)  Braden Gellenthien (USA)  Patrizio Hofer (SUI)
United Kingdom 2010 Edinburgh  Sergio Pagni (ITA)  Braden Gellenthien (USA)  Rodger Willet, Jr (USA)
Turkey 2011 Istanbul  Rodger Willet, Jr (USA)  Reo Wilde (USA)  Sergio Pagni (ITA)
Japan 2012 Tokyo  Braden Gellenthien (USA)  Reo Wilde (USA)  Julio Ricardo Fierro (MEX)
France 2013 Paris  Martin Damsbo (DEN)  Braden Gellenthien (USA)  Sergio Pagni (ITA)
Switzerland 2014 Lausanne  Bridger Deaton (USA)  Pierre Julien Deloche (FRA)  Reo Wilde (USA)
Mexico 2015 Mexico City  Demir Elmaağaçlı (TUR)  Abhishek Verma (IND)  Dominique Genet (FRA)
Denmark 2016 Odense  Mike Schloesser (NED)  Seppie Cilliers (RSA)  Reo Wilde (USA)
Italy 2017 Rome  Braden Gellenthien  (USA)  Stephan Hansen (DEN)  Steve Anderson (USA)
Turkey 2018 Samsun  Kri Schaff (USA)  Demir Elmaağaçlı (TUR)  Abhishek Verma (IND)


Finals Gold Silver Bronze
Mexico 2006 Mérida  Sofia Goncharova (RUS)  Anna Kazantseva (RUS)  Jahna Davis (USA)
United Arab Emirates 2007 Dubai  Petra Ericsson (SWE)  Sofia Goncharova (RUS)  Jamie van Natta (USA)
Switzerland 2008 Lausanne  Jamie van Natta (USA)  Nichola Simpson (GBR)  Amandine Bouillot (FRA)
Denmark 2009 Copenhagen  Luzmary Guedez (VEN)  Camilla Soemod (DEN)  Ivana Buden (CRO)
United Kingdom 2010 Edinburgh  Albina Loginova (RUS)  Ashley Wallace (CAN)  Erika Anschutz (USA)
Turkey 2011 Istanbul  Erika Anschutz (USA)  Christie Colin (USA)  Marcella Tonioli (ITA)
Japan 2012 Tokyo  Jamie van Natta (USA)  Danielle Brown (GBR)  Christie Colin (USA)
France 2013 Paris  Alejandra Usquiano (COL)  Erika Jones (USA)  Albina Loginova (RUS)
Switzerland 2014 Lausanne  Sara López (COL)  Erika Jones (USA)  Natalia Avdeeva (RUS)
Mexico 2015 Mexico City  Sara López (COL)  Maria Vinogradova (RUS)  Linda Ochoa (MEX)
Denmark 2016 Odense  Marcella Tonioli (ITA)  Sarah Holst Sonnichsen (DEN)  Crystal Gauvin (USA)
Italy 2017 Rome  Sara López (COL)  Tanja Jensen (DEN)  Yesim Bostan (TUR)
Turkey 2018 Samsun  Sara López (COL)  Linda Ochoa (MEX)  So Chaewon (KOR)

Mixed Team[edit]

Finals Gold Silver Bronze
Mexico 2006 Mérida
United Arab Emirates 2007 Dubai
Switzerland 2008 Lausanne
Denmark 2009 Copenhagen Denmark Denmark
Camilla Soemod
Martin Damsbo
Italy Italy
Anastasia Anastasio
Sergio Pagni
United Kingdom 2010 Edinburgh United Kingdom Great Britain
Nicky Hunt
Chris White
Mexico Mexico
Linda Ochoa
Hafid Jaime
Turkey 2011 Istanbul United States United States
Christie Colin
Rodger Willet, Jr
Turkey Turkey
Gizem Kocaman
Ali Davarci
Japan 2012 Tokyo United States United States
Christie Colin
Reo Wilde
Japan Japan
Yumiko Hondo
Naoto Anji
France 2013 Paris France France
Pascale Lebecque
Pierre Julien Deloche
Italy Italy
Marcella Tonioli
Sergio Pagni
Switzerland 2014 Lausanne United States United States
Erika Jones
Bridger Deaton
Switzerland Switzerland
Clementine de Guili
Patrizio Hofer
Mexico 2015 Mexico City Denmark Denmark
Erika Anear
Stephan Hansen
Mexico Mexico
Linda Ochoa
Mario Cardoso
Denmark 2016 Odense Denmark Denmark
Tanja Jensen
Stephan Hansen
Colombia Colombia
Alejandra Usquiano
Camilo Andres Cardona
Italy 2017 Rome DenmarkDenmark
Sarah Holst Sönnichsen
Stephan Hansen
Irene Franchini
Alberto Simonelli
Turkey 2018 Samsun TurkeyTurkey
Yesim Bostan
Demir Elmaağaçlı
Jyothi Surekha Vennam
Abhishek Verma

Longines Prize for Precision[edit]

The Longines Prize for Precision is awarded to the male and female archers who shoot the most 10s over the course of the competition at the end of the season. It has been awarded since 2010 and is awarded to compound and recurve archers in alternate years. Winners receive a trophy, watch and cash prize of 5,000 CHF.[6][8]


Year R/C Men's Winner Women's Winner
2010 R  Brady Ellison (USA)  Justyna Mospinek (POL)
2011 C  Rodger Willet, Jr (USA)  Erika Anschutz (USA)
2012 R  Brady Ellison (USA)  Ki Bo-bae (KOR)
2013 C  Braden Gellenthien (USA)  Erika Jones (USA)
2014 R  Brady Ellison (USA)  Aída Román (MEX)
2015 C  Mike Schloesser (NED)  Sara López (COL)
2016 R  Brady Ellison (USA)  Tan Ya-ting (TPE)
2017 C  Stephan Hansen (DEN)  Sarah Holst Sönnichsen (DEN)
2018 R  Lee Woo Seok (KOR)  Chang Hye Jin (KOR)

All-time medal tables[edit]


Including all individual and team stage and final medals up to end of 2014 World Cup

  • dagger Final host nation
  • double-dagger Stage host nation
1 United States (USA)double-dagger965840194
2 South Korea (KOR)double-dagger753143149
3 Russia (RUS)33262483
4 Italy (ITA)double-dagger29282481
5 China (CHN)double-dagger23222469
6 France (FRA)dagger20153267
7 India (IND)14271758
8 Mexico (MEX)dagger11162249
9 Great Britain (GBR)dagger10212152
10 Denmark (DEN)dagger1011829
11 Netherlands (NED)5101328
12 Colombia (COL)double-dagger57214
13 Chinese Taipei (TPE)55414
14 Ukraine (UKR)471223
15 Venezuela (VEN)41611
16 Canada (CAN)310821
17 Japan (JPN)dagger39618
18 El Salvador (ESA)double-dagger36615
19 Germany (GER)351220
20 Sweden (SWE)3519
21 Belgium (BEL)3047
22 Australia (AUS)28515
23 Iran (IRI)25310
24 Turkey (TUR)dagger2316
25 New Zealand (NZL)2103
26 Poland (POL)double-dagger1719
27 Brazil (BRA)1438
28 South Africa (RSA)1214
29 Indonesia (INA)1113
30 Spain (ESP)1001
31 Malaysia (MAS)0527
32  Switzerland (SUI)dagger0448
33 Croatia (CRO)double-dagger0426
34 Slovenia (SLO)0314
35 Belarus (BLR)0213
36 Greece (GRE)0202
37 Austria (AUT)0101
 Iraq (IRQ)0101
 Luxembourg (LUX)0101
40 Philippines (PHI)0022
41 Bulgaria (BUL)0011
 Georgia (GEO)0011
 Lithuania (LTU)0011
Totals (43 nations)3753743591108


The following table shows the total number of medals won in the individual competetitions by all archers who have won at least two individual gold medals (including stage and finals).

Including all individual stage and final medals up to end of 2014 World Cup


     Recurve archer
     Compound archer

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Yun Ok-hee (KOR) 8 3 5 16
2  Brady Ellison (USA) 8 2 2 12
3  Reo Wilde (USA) 7 4 4 15
4  Sergio Pagni (ITA) 6 2 3 11
5  Braden Gellenthien (USA) 5 10 1 16
6  Jamie van Natta (USA) 5 6 3 14
7  Erika Jones (USA) 4 7 2 13
8  Sofia Goncharova (RUS) 4 2 1 7
9  Im Dong-hyun (KOR) 4 1 4 9
10  Rodger Willet, Jr (USA) 4 0 2 6
11  Jorge Jimenez (ESA) 3 6 3 12
12  Oh Jin-hyek (KOR) 3 4 0 7
13  Ki Bo-bae (KOR) 3 3 2 8
14  Anna Kazantseva (RUS) 3 2 1 6
15  Albina Loginova (RUS) 3 1 6 10
16  Luzmary Guedez (VEN) 3 0 0 3
17  Pierre Julien Deloche (FRA) 2 2 1 5
18  Cheng Ming (CHN) 2 2 0 4
 Nicky Hunt (GBR) 2 2 0 4
 Sara López (COL) 2 2 0 4
21  Martin Damsbo (DEN) 2 1 3 6
22  Baljinima Tsyrempilov (RUS) 2 1 2 5
 Park Kyung-mo (KOR) 2 1 2 5
 Park Sung-hyun (KOR) 2 1 2 5
 Kim Woo-jin (KOR) 2 1 2 4
26  Ilario Di Buò (ITA) 2 1 0 3
 Inna Stepanova (RUS) 2 1 0 3
 Petra Ericsson (SWE) 2 1 0 3
 Qian Jialing (CHN) 2 1 0 3
30  Jayanta Talukdar (IND) 2 0 3 5
31  Marcella Tonioli (ITA) 2 0 2 4
 Romain Girouille (FRA) 2 0 2 4
33  Alejandra Usquiano (COL) 2 0 1 3
 Dola Banerjee (IND) 2 0 1 3
 Jung Dasomi (KOR) 2 0 1 3
 Kwak Ye-ji (KOR) 2 0 1 3
37  Dave Cousins (USA) 2 0 0 2
 Lee Seung-yun (KOR) 2 0 0 2
 Natalia Valeeva (ITA) 2 0 0 2

Indoor World Cup[edit]

An Indoor Archery World Cup was inaugurated in 2010. It is played in the off-season (November to February), with fewer stages and the final competed in Las Vegas. In 2014, the stages were held in Marrakesh, Singapore and Telford.[9]

Year Host Men's Recurve Women's Recurve Men's Compound Women's Compound
2011 United States Las Vegas  Michele Frangilli (ITA)  Louise Laursen (DEN)  Reo Wilde (USA)  Albina Loginova (RUS) [1]
2012 United States Las Vegas  Brady Ellison (USA)  Ksenia Perova (RUS)  Reo Wilde (USA)  Joanna Chesse (FRA) [2]
2013 United States Las Vegas  Brady Ellison (USA)  Jeon Sung-eun (KOR)  Braden Gellenthien (USA)  Andrea Gales (GBR) [3]
2014 United States Las Vegas  Rick van der Ven (NED)  Park Se-hui (KOR)  Sebastien Peineau (FRA)  Erika Jones (USA) [4]
2015 United States Las Vegas  Kim Jaeh-yeong  (KOR)  Jo Seung-hyeon (KOR)  Mike Schloesser (NED)  Erika Jones (USA) [5]


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