Archery at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Men's team

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Men's team
at the Games of the XXVII Olympiad
Venue Sydney International Archery Park
Date 16 - 22 September
Competitors 14 teams; 42 individuals from 14 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Jang Yong-Ho
Kim Chung-tae
Oh Kyo-Moon
 South Korea
2nd, silver medalist(s) Matteo Bisiani
Ilario Di Buò
Michele Frangilli
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Butch Johnson
Rod White
Vic Wunderle
 United States
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Archery at the
2000 Summer Olympics
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The men's team was an archery event held as part of the archery at the 2000 Summer Olympics programme.

A total of 14 teams competed in the third appearance of the Olympic team round archery event. The ranking round, which determined the seeds for all teams, doubled as the ranking round for the individual competition and was held on 16 September 2000. Each archer shot 72 arrows, and the scores of the three archers for each team were summed to give a team ranking round score. A single-elimination head-to-head tournament was held on 22 September. During each round of competition, each archer shot nine arrows for a team score based on 27 arrows. The losers of the semifinals faced off in a bronze medal match, while teams defeated before then were assigned rankings within the group of other teams defeated in their round based on their score in that round.

The South Korean team, which had swept the top three places in the ranking round but had seen each of its members suffer upsets in the individual knock-out rounds, won by comfortable margins in the team knock-out rounds to take the gold medal. The trio set a new world record for a 27-arrow team match in the quarterfinals, with a score of 258 of a possible 270.[1] Italy and Russia each managed to defeat two higher-seeded teams before falling to the Koreans; this gave Italy the silver medal and put Russia in the bronze medal match against the United States. The twelfth-seeded Russians forced the first Olympic team match tiebreaker against the second-seeded Americans in that match, losing 29-26 in that tiebreaker.


Gold Silver Bronze
 South Korea (KOR)
Jang Yong-Ho
Kim Chung-tae
Oh Kyo-Moon
 Italy (ITA)
Matteo Bisiani
Ilario Di Buò
Michele Frangilli
 United States (USA)
Butch Johnson
Rod White
Vic Wunderle

Ranking Round[edit]

The ranking for the men's teams was determined by summing the ranking round scores of the three members.

Rank Team 1st Half 2nd Half 10s Xs Score
1  South Korea (KOR) 1980
 Jang Yong-Ho (KOR) 665
 Kim Chung-tae (KOR) 655
 Oh Kyo-Moon (KOR) 660
2  United States (USA) 1921
 Butch Johnson (USA) 627
 Rod White (USA) 641
 Vic Wunderle (USA) 653
3  Kazakhstan (KAZ) 1916
 Aleksandr Li (KAZ) 635
 Vadim Shikarev (KAZ) 632
 Stanislav Zabrodsky (KAZ) 649
4  Turkey (TUR) 1899
 Özdemir Akbal (TUR) 636
 Hasan Orbay (TUR) 626
 Serdar Şatır (TUR) 637
5  Netherlands (NED) 1899
 Wietse van Alten (NED) 638
 Fred van Zutphen (NED) 627
 Henk Vogels (NED) 634
6  Italy (ITA) 1895
 Matteo Bisiani (ITA) 634
 Ilario Di Buò (ITA) 627
 Michele Frangilli (ITA) 634
7  Sweden (SWE) 1891
 Mattias Eriksson (SWE) 616
 Niklas Eriksson (SWE) 629
 Magnus Petersson (SWE) 646
8  China (CHN) 1886
 Fu Shengjun (CHN) 635
 Tang Hua (CHN) 619
 Yang Bo (CHN) 632
9  Ukraine (UKR) 1878
 Serhiy Antonov (UKR) 631
 Viktor Kurchenko (UKR) 615
 Ihor Parkhomenko (UKR) 632
10  Australia (AUS) 1876
 Simon Fairweather (AUS) 642
 Matthew Gray (AUS) 631
 Scott Hunter-Russell (AUS) 603
11  France (FRA) 1874
 Sébastien Flute (FRA) 603
 Jocelyn de Grandis (FRA) 632
 Lionel Torres (FRA) 639
12  Russia (RUS) 1870
 Bair Badënov (RUS) 618
 Yuri Leontiev (RUS) 617
 Balzhinima Tsyrempilov (RUS) 635
13  Japan (JPN) 1841
 Yuji Hamano (JPN) 623
 Masafumi Makiyama (JPN) 604
 Takayoshi Matsushita (JPN) 614
14  Norway (NOR) 1839
 Martinus Grov (NOR) 613
 Lars Erik Humlekjær (NOR) 613
 Bård Nesteng (NOR) 613

Knockout stage[edit]

Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
         1   South Korea (KOR) 258  
9   Ukraine (UKR) 244     9   Ukraine (UKR) 236  
8   China (CHN) 235       1   South Korea (KOR) 240  
12   Russia (RUS) 248       12   Russia (RUS) 229  
5   Netherlands (NED) 241     12   Russia (RUS) 247  
4   Turkey (TUR) 253     4   Turkey (TUR) 245  
13   Japan (JPN) 231       1   South Korea (KOR) 255
3   Kazakhstan (KAZ) 246       6   Italy (ITA) 247
14   Norway (NOR) 241     3   Kazakhstan (KAZ) 244  
6   Italy (ITA) 250     6   Italy (ITA) 249  
11   France (FRA) 239       6   Italy (ITA) 244   Bronze medal match
7   Sweden (SWE) 241       2   United States (USA) 241  
10   Australia (AUS) 238     7   Sweden (SWE) 244   2   United States (USA) 239+29
         2   United States (USA) 255   12   Russia (RUS) 239+26

In the first team round tie-breaker in Olympic archery history, the United States won the bronze medal, defeating Russia by shooting a near-perfect 29 to the Russians' 26.


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