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Jiri Lev opening ArchiCamp 2015
Jiri Lev opening ArchiCamp 2015

ArchiCamp is an unofficial annual gathering of Australian and international architecture students, architects, craftsmen and artists, focused on sustainability, ethical development and professional culture. [1] In design workshops, participants of each camp work on specific projects that will directly benefit the host community, e.g. community halls, housing, tourism facilities, masterplans. Following the camp, students may continue working on their concepts through to council approval and construction itself. In 2015, ArchiCamp participants contributed to flood recovery of the regional town of Dungog, NSW.[2]

Location of the camps changes, with approximately 100 participants gathering over 3–4 days. The inaugural ArchiCamp took place in 2014 in Mudgee, NSW, Australia.[3] Leading Australian architects have participated in the event, including Richard Leplastrier, Kerry and Lindsay Clare. Organised by Jiri Lev, it is a grassroots event without sponsors or other funding.[4] Participants contribute small amount towards communal meals and leftover money is donated to charity.[5]


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