Archibald Keightley

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Archibald Keightley
Dr. Archibald Keightley.jpg
Archibald Keightley in his early years
Born19 April 1859
Sedgwick, Westmorland, UK
Died18 November 1930
New York City
Known forTheosophist
Spouse(s)Julia van der Planck

Archibald Keightley (1859–1930) joined the Theosophical Society in 1884.[1] In the London Lodge of the TS at the time were: A.P. Sinnett, Dr. Anna Kingsford, William Kingsland, Prof. William Crookes, Frank Podmore, F.W.H. Myers, Edmund Gurney, Charles Massey.[2]

Keightley was a prominent member of the TS who helped in the editing of Helena P. Blavatsky's magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine.[1][3] He served as the General Secretary of the English Theosophical Society from 1888 to 1890.[1] He was married to Julia van der Planck a.k.a. "Jasper Niemand", the author of a number of Theosophical tracts.[4] Bertram Keightley, his uncle (although younger by one year), was also a Theosophist.

He later sided with William Quan Judge and his American branch over that led by Annie Besant, and then the faction associated with Ernest Temple Hargrove over that led by Katherine Tingley. After the death of his wife, he relocated to New York City, where he participated in the activities of the "Hargrove" branch until his death in 1930.


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