Archibald Query

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Archibald Query
Born Joseph Archibald Query
December 16, 1873
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Died March 1964 (aged 90)
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Residence 106 Bromfield Road
Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
Nationality Canadian
Citizenship American
Occupation Confectioner
Known for invented Marshmallow Fluff
Spouse(s) Elizabeth M.

Archibald Query (1873-1964) was a Canadian-born American confectioner, who invented Marshmallow Fluff, a special formula of marshmallow cream, in 1917.


Query developed the recipe in his kitchen, initially selling his marshmallow fluff door-to-door. With the advent of World War I there were serious shortages of sugar, one of the basic ingredients in his recipe. With his business faltering, Query sold his formula to two partner candymakers H. Allen Durkee and Fred Mower.[1] When mixed with peanut butter, it is the primary ingredient in a sandwich known as a Fluffernutter.

He was a resident of Somerville, Massachusetts, where he lived at 106 Bromfield Road.

Joseph Archibald Query died in Boston in March, 1964, aged 90. (Massachusetts Death Record)

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