Archibald Read Richardson

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Archibald Read Richardson
Born (1881-08-21)21 August 1881
Died 4 November 1954(1954-11-04) (aged 73)
Fields Mathematics
Known for Littlewood–Richardson rule
Notable awards FRS (1946)[1]

Archibald Read Richardson FRS[1] (21 August 1881 – 4 November 1954) was a British mathematician known for his work in algebra.[2][3][4]


Richardson collaborated with Dudley E. Littlewood on invariants and group representation theory. They introduced the immanant of a matrix, studied Schur functions and developed the Littlewood–Richardson rule for their multiplication.

Awards and honours[edit]

Richardson was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society[1] on 21 March 1946.


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