Archie's Final Project

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Archie's Final Project
My suicide.jpg
Promotional film poster
Directed by David Lee Miller
Produced by Todd Traina
David Lee Miller
Eric J. Adams
Larry Janss
Written by David Lee Miller
Gabriel Sunday
Eric J. Adams
Starring Gabriel Sunday
Brooke Nevin
David Carradine
Nora Dunn
Music by Tim Kasher
Cinematography Lisa Wiegand
Anjo Hill
Edited by Gabriel Sunday
Jordan J. Miller
Release date
  • February 7, 2009 (2009-02-07) (Berlin International Film Festival)
  • September 23, 2011 (2011-09-23) (United States)
Running time
105 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Archie's Final Project is a teen comedy-drama film directed by David Lee Miller and starring Gabriel Sunday. It won the best feature film prize for the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival's youth film section Generation 14plus.[1] It saw limited release in Los Angeles, New York City and Santa Fe, New Mexico in September 2011 (having been changed from its original title, My Suicide) and was released on DVD December 6.


Socially inept media geek Archie Williams becomes the most visible kid in school when he announces he's going to kill himself on camera for his final video class project.


I Am an Archie[edit]

I Am an Archie is a social media marketing campaign aiming to promote teen suicide awareness. After attending an early screening of Archie's Final Project, a Miami teenager created a video in which he identified as an Archie. Since then, thousands of teens have identified themselves as Archies.[2]

When asked why the campaign resonated so well with teens, Gabriel Sunday said "I think the reason this whole IAmAnArchie campaign started is because kids in the festival circuit would be like, “Oh, that’s me. Archie is me.” There are so many ways you can connect with that character and kids always connect with him, no matter what place or what country they’re in. They feel that sh** that he’s going through, and they’re living it. So they started giving that feedback and saying "I’m an Archie because I’m depressed and I hate my family, or I’m creative and I love making art but people don’t understand it." I’ve been connected to the issue of suicide for six or seven years, and I know that what kids need to hear more than anything is that they’re not alone. That ended up being our message with IAmAnArchie: “Yeah, I’m scared, I’m depressed, I’m obsessed, I’m whatever, but I’m also an Archie because there’s a million Archies and they’re all going through crazy s***.”[2]

Actor/director Adrian Grenier also has identified himself as being an Archie.[3]



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