Archie Birkin

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Archie Birkin
Nationality English
Born (1905-03-30)30 March 1905
Died 7 June 1927(1927-06-07) (aged 22)[citation needed]

Archie Birkin (Charles Archibald Cecil Birkin, 30 March 1905 – 7 June 1927) was an English motorcycle racer, brother of Tim Birkin, one of the "Bentley Boys" of the 1920s.[citation needed]

Background and family[edit]

He was born into a wealthy Nottingham family in 1905. He was the son of Sir Thomas Stanley Birkin, 2nd Bt. and Hon. Margaret Diana Hopetoun Chetwynd.[citation needed]

Motorcycle racing[edit]

During an early morning practice session for the 1927 Isle of Man TT, Archie Birkin swerved to avoid a fish-van travelling to Peel, collided with a wall at Rhencullen and was killed instantly. The corner near Kirk Michael on the A3 primary road where the accident occurred was renamed 'Birkin's Bend.' From 1928 practice sessions for the TT races and Manx Grand Prix were held on roads closed to other traffic.