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There are many architectural projects under construction in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 2002, Belgrade has experienced a major construction boom. These are only some of the projects under construction in Belgrade:[1]

Under construction[edit]

  • Airport City Belgrade: in New Belgrade – The construction of two new 17-storey buildings including one Crowne Plaza hotel started in April 2009.
  • Belgrade Waterfront The biggest construction project in Europe estimated of 3,5 billion Euros.
  • Blok 23: – The Verano company will invest 80 million euros in a new business building in New Belgrade. Project on hold.
  • Belgrade Aqua Park in New Belgrade – The facility will be among the largest in Europe. Currently on hold.
  • Belgrade bypass
  • Prokop: a mega-project that's scheduled to begin in September, resulting in relocation of the main railway station and its railway tracks, which will consequently free up building space in Belgrade's inner centre. The entire project is worth an estimated 2 billion US dollars, and is scheduled to be completed within a decade. The Serbian company Energoproject will invest €200 million.
  • Trzni centar u Rajicevoj: start 2014, finish 2016-2017, invest €100 million
  • GTC FORTYONE: Project consists of 40,000 sg m office, start 2014, finish 2016-2017, invest €70 million
  • Trgovinski centar Zemun IBC: 30,000 sg m, planned finish 2017
  • Hilton Hotel: started 2015
  • DNZ DENEZA M: start 2014, planned finish 2016

Planned projects[edit]

Finished major projects[edit]


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