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There are many architectural projects under construction in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 2002, Belgrade has experienced a major construction boom. These are only some of the projects under construction in Belgrade:[1]

Under construction[edit]

Residential, office and retail projects:

New Belgrade[edit]

  • Airport City Belgrade – Currently is under construction are three 11-storey and one 14-storey building with underground garage. The construction of two 23-storey buildings including one Crowne Plaza hotel will start in 2018.
  • Blok 23 (T/O) – The Verano company investment of 80 million euros in a new office building. Currently on hold.
  • West 65 (U/C) - Whole project of 152.000 sq m and 33 storey tower will be done until 2020.
  • Sirius Business Center (U/C) - Second phase starts in 2018.
  • Block 32 (Prep) - Project started 2017.
  • A Block (T/O) - 200,000 sg m office and residential space. Investment 200 million euros. Finish planned for 2019.
  • Bus Station Belgrade New bus station and terminal building. Construction started in 2018.
  • Usce II Tower (U/C) - Twin tower next to Usce Tower. Construction will start in 2018.[2]
  • Chinese Cultural Center Belgrade (U/C) - Chinese Cultural Center will be one of the biggest in the world with total 32.000 sq meters. It will be located on same place as bombed Chinese Embassy in 1999. Total investment 45 million Euros.[3] [4] [5]
  • GTC Green Heart Business complex of 87.000 square meters in New Belgrade. Project started in summer 2017.

Old City Belgrade[edit]

  • Belgrade Waterfront The biggest construction project in Europe estimated of 3,5 billion Euros.
  • Belgrade Skyline: 200 million euros project three towers 129m,64m and 77m. Started in 2017.
  • Central Garden: 200 million euros project started 2015. Project end planned for 2019.
  • Hotel Mona: New 13 storey hotel in old part of Dorcol.

Other parts of the city[edit]

Transportation and infrastructural projects[edit]

  • Belgrade bypass Currently additional lanes under construction on Ostruznica Bridge. New Orlovaca intersection and connection to Bubanj Potok bypass scheduled to start for summer 2017.
  • Prokop: a mega-project that's scheduled to begin in September, resulting in relocation of the main railway station and its railway tracks, which will consequently free up building space in Belgrade's inner centre. The entire project is worth an estimated 2 billion US dollars, and is scheduled to be completed within a decade. The Serbian company Energoproject will invest €200 million. Already invested over a billion dollars.
  • Makis 2 Water production facility.
  • Interceptor Collector Sewer system collector under construction. Estimate cost 500 million $.
  • Expressway Surcin-Obrenovac as part of expressway toward Montenegro. New bridge over river Sava also part of the expressway. Opening in beginning of 2019.
  • Belgrade-Budapest High speed railroad Construction started in 2017.
  • Vinca Waste Management and Bioenergy Plant Construction started in 2017. Project worth 300 million Euros and managed by Vinci SA.
  • Heating System Pipe Connection between Nikola Tesla Power Plant and Heating Plant New Belgrade. Investment 190 million Euros from Power Construction Corporation of China. Starts in 2018.
  • Cleaning Sewer Water Plant with additional interceptor. Power Construction Corporation of China is contractor. Investment 260 million euros. Starts in 2018.

Planned projects[edit]

  • Belgrade Metro
  • Kempinski Hotel (reconstruction of Hotel Jugoslavija): in New Belgrade on the banks of the Danube. Expansion will add two twin 144 m tall 33-storey skyscrapers. Reconstruction will start in late 2008 and the construction will be finished by 2011. Casino Austria already invested about €60 million.
  • Novak Tennis Center will be built in New Belgrade's in Blok 45. The complex will consist of 20–30 smaller tennis courts, and one main court with 5000 seats. The center will also have a tennis academy, a hotel, a hostel and other facilities. One of the owners will be ace Novak Đoković, after whom it is named.
  • Tesla Grad: BK group planned mega building project 1 billion euros.
  • Beko Project Residential and hotel mixed use complex in Old city, next to Kalemegdan and Belgrade ZOO. First design was by Zaha Hadid. But later was rejected due historical environment of the neighborhood. Total area 97,000 square meters and investment of 100 million euros.
  • IKEA Zapad Another IKEA store will be located close to the airport.
  • IKEA Retail Center Additional Center next to the IKEA Istok. Will have 40.000 sq.m and will cost 70 million Euros.

Recently finished major projects[edit]