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Technicians in Architel Network Operations Center.

Architel Holdings LLC is an American professional services company. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Architel provides computer and network support. Architel operates multiple data center and network operation facilities with personnel in more than six countries around the globe. The company's headquarters is located in the Campbell Center North Tower at Northwest Highway and US-75.

Architel is a big investor in Big in Japan, an idea factory for mobile applications for the Apple iPhone and Google Android-based handsets. Big in Japan is best known for the ShopSavvy app, available for iOS and Android.

Architel has relationships with technology providers including Microsoft Corporation, Dell and Intel among others.


Architel developed Simpleticket, a trouble ticket system written using Ruby on Rails and released it using the GPL open source license. Additionally, Architel developed ServiceGuy, a telephonic referral system.


  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Support
  • Desktop Support
  • Online Backup
  • Hosted VoIP PBX (Asterisk-based)
  • Hosted spam filtering
  • Mail and Website Hosting
  • Collocation...

International presence[edit]

Architel offers services exclusively in the United States with personnel in the Philippines, India, Brazil, Argentina, France and Russia. The company is privately owned by partners, including Alexander Muse and Scott Ryan located in the Dallas, Texas, area.

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