Architype Renner

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ClassificationGeometric Sans-serif
Designer(s)Freda Sack
David Quay
Paul Renner
FoundryThe Foundry
Date released1997

Architype Renner is a geometric sans-serif typeface reproducing the experimental alternate characters of Paul Renner's 1927–29 typeface Futura for the Bauer foundry. Renner's original design for Futura shows the influence of Herbert Bayer's experimental "Universal" alphabet. The alternate characters Renner proposed for Futura were mostly deleted from the face's character set, resulting in a more conventional, and perhaps more economically successful typeface.

Alternate characters were drawn for lowercase a, g, and r, and for some punctuation, and uppercase characters including German accents. Both lining and text figures were produced. The Renner Architype typeface is one of a collection of several revivals of early twentieth century typographic experimentation designed by Freda Sack and David Quay of The Foundry.

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