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Web address Official website
Commercial? No
Type of site
Web archiving
Registration No
Available in Multilingual
Launched 2012; 4 years ago (2012)
Alexa rank
Negative increase 4,767 (Jul 2015)[1]
Current status Online (or formerly is a privately funded digital time capsule,[2] with data-centre located in Europe at Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.[3] The archive runs Apache Hadoop and Apache Accumulo software. It retrieves one page at a time similar to WebCite, smaller than 50 MB each, but with Google Maps and Twitter included.

It captures textual content of web pages per request, as well as images, and content of frames, loaded or generated by Javascript on Web 2.0 sites without active elements or scripts. Screenshots are of 1024 × 768 pixels, with no popups.[4][5]

Unlike crawlers such as Wayback Machine, only captures individual pages in response to explicit user requests, and so does not obey the robots exclusion standard.[6] Because of this, there is no way for websites to prevent an user from mirroring pages on the site.[7] This has caused the site to be criticised.

Since July 2013, supports the Memento Project application programming interface (API),[8] and Firefox[9] and Chrome[10] Plugins.[8][11]

Use cases[edit]

The archive is most notably used for hacktivism:

Worldwide availability[edit]

On July 21, 2015, the operators blocked access to the service from all Finnish IP addresses, stating on Twitter that they did this in order to avoid escalating a dispute they allegedly had with the Finnish government.[15] They did not provide additional information regarding these claims.

The whole website is not reachable also from China, Kazakhstan, Iran and Russia.[16]

In Russia you can access only the HTTP version of the website; the HTTPS version is blocked on the state firewall. In Mainland China it is the other way around: the HTTPS version is accessible but the HTTP version is blocked on the state firewall.

OpenDNS blocks the website as well categorizing it as Proxy/Anonymizer.[17]

In February 2016 domain registrar OnlineNIC blocked the domain "" which only served as redirect to the main domain ""[18].

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