Archive Cardiacs

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Archive Cardiacs
Archive Cardiacs.jpeg
Compilation album by Cardiacs
Released 1989
Recorded 1977 - 1979
Genre Art rock, progressive rock. psychedelic pop
Label Alphabet Business Concern
Cardiacs chronology
On Land and in the Sea
Archive Cardiacs
The Seaside (2nd Version)

Archive Cardiacs is a compilation of tracks from Cardiac Arrest's The Obvious Identity and Cardiacs' Toy World, plus some demo tracks created by Tim Smith and Dominic Luckman, for a side project, that never made it to release until this compilation came out.

It was originally released in 1989 as a cassette available only to members of Cardiacs' fan club (known as The Yousletter Family). It was later available on general release on CD.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Aukamacic"
  2. "Icky Qualms"
  3. "Piffol Four Times"*
  4. "Scratching Crawling Scrawling"
  5. "As Cold As Can Be In An English Sea"
  6. "T.V.T.V."*
  7. "My Trademark"
  8. "The Obvious Identity"
  9. "Piffol One Time"*
  10. "A Game For Berties Party"
  11. "Piffol Three Times"*
  12. "Rock Around The Clock"

Tracks marked with * are demo tracks created by Tim Smith and Dominic Luckman for a side project that never saw fruition.


  • Peter "Zip" Boker (Michael Pugh) - Vocals on "The Obvious Identity" and "A Game For Berties Party"
  • Philip Pilf (Tim Smith) - Guitar, Synth and Vocals
  • Patty Pilf (Jim Smith) - Bass
  • Duncan Doilet (Colvin Mayers) - Vocals and Synth
  • Little Bobby Shattocks (Mark Cawthra) - Drums