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Arcigay - bandiere dell'Arcigay a Grosseto (2004).jpg
Flags of Arcigay on national Gay Pride 2004
Founded 1985
Type Gay rights

Arcigay (Italian: Associazione lesbica e gay italiana) is Italy's first and largest national gay organization.[1][2]

The association was first founded as a local association in Palermo in 1980, then nationally established in Bologna in 1985.[1] The organisation became known throughout Italy for its campaign for civil unions. The President of Arcigay is Paolo Patanè,[3] its honorary president, who helped found the organization, is Franco Grillini.

Arcigay has often protested against the Vatican's opposition to homosexuality and LGBT rights.[2]

Many Italian gay venues require their patrons, both native and foreign, to purchase Arcigay membership, in addition to the admission cost, even those who are just visiting the country for a short time.

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