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Arclight (Marvel villain).jpg
Arclight. Main image by Steve Skroce. Background Art by Joe Madureira.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Uncanny X-Men #210 (October 1986)
Created by Chris Claremont
In-story information
Alter ego Philippa Sontag
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations The 198
Abilities Superhuman strength, stamina, durability and resiliency
Ability to generate seismic energies with her hands that cause shock waves and geo tremors

Arclight (Philippa Sontag) is a mutant supervillainess appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Publication history[edit]

Arclight first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #210-211 (October–November 1986), and was created by Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr.

The character subsequently appears in X-Factor #10 (November 1986), Thor #373 (November 1986), Power Pack #27 (December 1986), Uncanny X-Men #213 (January 1987), 215 (March 1987), 219 (July 1987), 221-223 (September–October 1987), 240 (January 1989), Captain America #387-392 (July–September 1991), X-Man #13 (March 1996), 18-19 (August–September 1996), Cable Annual 1999, X-Men: The 198-Files (March 2006), X-Men #183 (April 2006), X-Men: The 198 #2-5 (April–July 2006), Civil War: X-Men #3 (November 2006), X-Men #200-203 (August–November 2007), and New X-Men #46 (March 2008).

Walt Simonson said that "when Jon Bogdanove drew Arclight in Power Pack, she had a much different figure than I gave her in X-Factor. But I went back and did a little bit of revision work in my book after I'd seen what John had done."[1]

Arclight received an entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89 #1.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Arclight served with the American ground forces during the Vietnam War, and she is still haunted by memories of that place.[2] She has redirected her rage into bodybuilding, which she uses to augment her mutant powers. Her mutant ability enables her to create shock waves through physical contact, usually combined with her super strength in form of punches and blows. During a few of her appearances she has been shown to project a bright light upon impact of her hands.

As a war veteran, she is well versed in battle and is known as one of the most bloodthirsty members of the Marauders, the group responsible for the "Mutant Massacre". Her relationship with teammate Scalphunter has also made her second-in-command. During their first mission, Arclight kills dozens of underground-dwelling mutants known as Morlocks.[2] She also took some time off to answer Superia's invitation to join her female group of villains, the Femizons.[3]

Though the details of her recruitment by Mister Sinister to the Marauders remain unrevealed, she has participated in all of the group's major operations. Due to Sinister cloning the Marauders multiple times, it is hard to determine if the 'original' Arclight has been present in all of them.

Following M-Day, Arclight became one of the so-called 198, one of the few remaining mutants retaining their powers, and a refugee at the X-Mansion.[4] She later returns as a member of the New Marauders, alongside old members like Scalphunter and new ones like Sunfire and Lady Mastermind.[5]

During Messiah CompleX in the final battle on Muir Isle, she is injured by Wolfsbane who bites her in the neck.[6] She is seen later being defeated by Rockslide.[7]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Arclight possesses the ability to generate seismic energies with her hands that cause shock waves and geo tremors. She also has superhuman strength, stamina, durability and resiliency.

Other versions[edit]

In the House of M reality, Arclight (alongside Mentallo and Wild Child) is a member of the Red Guard that was positioned in Australia to work with Exodus.[8]

In other media[edit]


  • Arclight appeared in the two-part X-Men episode "Sanctuary." She is among the mutants that join Magneto's mutant haven. In the episode "Secrets Not Long Buried", she is one of the many residents of the mutant-dominated community of Skull Mesa.[9]
  • Arclight first appears in the Wolverine and the X-Men episode "eXcessive Force". This Arclight is male, and he is supposedly the field leader of the Marauders taking direct orders from Mister Sinister. He utilizes the same shock wave powers as his mainstream and movie counterparts. When Vertigo arrives to warn him about Cyclops coming, he is attacked while Vertigo flees. Mister Sinister gets contacted by him and is given orders to give Cyclops information that would lead him into a trap.[10]


  • Arclight appeared in the 2006 motion picture X-Men: The Last Stand played by Dominican fashion model and actress Omahyra Mota. Arclight had no lines in the film. In the movie, her shock wave-based superpowers are more refined than in the comic book: her shock waves project in an outward fashion and she can target specific materials. She is a member of the Omegas. During the raid on Alcatraz, Arclight used her shockwaves to disable the cure weapons and later joined Quill and Psylocke in targeting Warren Worthington II. She, Quill, and Psylocke are later killed by Jean Grey's disintegration wave when her Dark Phoenix side activates.

Video games[edit]

  • Arclight appears in Deadpool, voiced by Chani Krich.[11][12] She serves as the game's first boss. The encounter ends with Arclight dying on a piece of rebar.


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