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Arcola is an offshoot of the record label Warp Records. It was set up in late 2003, and takes its name from the Arcola Theatre, Arcola Street in Dalston, London where Warp held the launch party for the label. It released a number of singles in 2003 and 2004. Arcola marked its return after a 14-year hiatus in January 2018, with new EP's by Rian Treanor & 2814.[1][2]


All Arcola releases are 12-inch singles released in a generic sleeve designed by The Designers Republic. Although some artists such as Brothomstates and Milanese are shared by both the Warp and Arcola label, Arcola releases are always more dancefloor-oriented.


  • Brothomstates (Lassi Nikko)
  • Cane
  • Denis Rusnak
  • Dub Kult (Neilon Pitamber)
  • Louis Digital
  • Milanese
  • Rian Treanor
  • 2814
  • Nkisi
  • Our Souls Are In The Hands Of The Translator
  • Primitive Art

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