Arctostaphylos pringlei

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Pringle manzanita
Arctostaphylos pringlei ssp drupacea 2.jpg
Arctostaphylos pringlei subsp. drupacea
Scientific classification
A. pringlei
Binomial name
Arctostaphylos pringlei
Map showing range of Arctostaphylos pringlei
Range of Arctostaphylos pringlei

Arctostaphylos pringlei (common name Pringle manzanita) is a plant that grows at elevations between 4000 and 7000 ft in southern California, Arizona, and southwest Utah.[2]

Pringle manzanita is a gray-green leaved shrub. It grows to about 4–6 ft. The plant may occasionally forms dense thickets. Pringle manzanita blooms in early spring forming small, whitish pink, bell-shaped flowers, occurring in clusters that later form red berries. The bark is smooth and mahogany-colored.


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