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Arcturus Z. Conrad

Arcturus Zodiac Conrad (1855-1937) was a Christian author, theologian, and pastor of Park Street Church in Boston, Massachusetts from 1905 to 1937.

He was born in 1855 on a farm in Shiloh, Indiana to a father who was a Presbyterian minister on the frontier. Conrad was primarily of German and English ancestry. In 1882 Conrad graduated from Carleton College, a Congregationalist school in Minnestota, and then graduated from Union Theological Seminary. Next he studied at New York University for three years for a Ph.D. and later received a D.D. In 1885 he married Harriet Narcissa Adams from Portland, Maine. From 1885 to 1890 Conrad served as pastor of Aislie Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, New York. He served as pastor of First Congregational Church in Worcester, Massachusetts for twelve years. He then went West to recover his health for period. Later he preached at a Congregational church in London, England, before being offered the pastorship of Park Street Church in Boston in 1905 by Pastor John L. Withrow. Withrow and Conrad served together until Withrow's death. Conrad served as pastor at Park Street until his death in 1937 when he was succeeded by Harold Ockenga. At Park Street, Conrad helped prevent the sale of the meeting house to developers.[1][2]


Works about Conrad[edit]

  • Twenty fifth anniversary: pastorate of Rev. A.Z. Conrad (Park Street Church) (1930)
  • G. Dewey Wigfield, A study of four contemporary preachers : Conrad, Fosdick, Holmes, and Newton (1937)


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