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Arcus ASA
Traded as OSE: ARCUS
Industry Alcoholic beverages
Founded 1996
Headquarters Hagan, Nittedal, Norway
Area served
Key people
Kenneth Hamnes (CEO)

Arcus ASA is Norway's largest wholesaler of wine and liquor. It was created when it was demerged from the state owned wine and liquor retailer Vinmonopolet on January 1, 1996 to differ between the retailing, kept in Vinmonopolet, and the import, export, production and storage that was transferred to Arcus.

In July 2001 the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry sold 66% of the company to Sucra, who were also granted an option to purchase the rest of the company, a transaction that took place in 2003. In 2005 Sucra sold Arcus to the Swedish investment company Ratos, including the partial ownership of Braastad. In 2012 Danish Distillers (Aalborg Taffel, etc., Gammel Dansk) was bought from Pernod Ricard. But the akvavit brand Brøndums snaps, which was a brand of Danish Distillers since a merger in 1893, had to be divested because of dominant position in the Danish market. The factory in Aalborg closed April 2015 when production of the Aalborg brands was moved to Norway. Arcus has both storage of beverages from when it was demerged as well as recipes from Vinmonopolet, some of which date back a long time, including the recipes taken over from the purchase of Løitens Brænderi in 1927.

Arcus was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in December 2016. [1]


  • Aalborg Taffel
  • Amundsen Arctic Vodka
  • Arendalsaquavit
  • Bergens Aquavit
  • Braastad Cognac
  • Gammel Dansk
  • Gammel Opland
  • Gilde Aquavit
  • Golden Cock
  • Hammer Vodka
  • Jægersborg Aquavit
  • Kalinka 22
  • Lysholm No52
  • Løiten
  • Morsa Aquavit
  • Royal Castle
  • Vikingfjord Vodka

Arcus is also an importer of wine.

Arcus plant in Hamar