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Arden Holdings Inc.
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Products Clothing, Accessories

Arden Holdings Inc. (doing business as Ardene and also known as Ardène in some locations) is a Canadian clothing, footwear and accessories retailer based in Montreal, Quebec.[1]

Ardène's secondary logo, used as the primary in some locations

Ardène sells a variety of clothing, footwear and accessories like jewelry, sweaters, sneakers, and other fashion accessories. These include items such as handbags and sportswear, Which are sold both in-store and on their website.[2] The chain is located in all of Canada's ten provinces and three territories.[3]

It is explained when hired that the target demographic for the store has moved away from children and young adolescent girls, and is now focused more on women in their mid teens to mid twenties. Ardene is described now as being more of a competitor for Stitches, Urban Behavior, and Forever 21 rather than its previous focus, whose main competitor was Claire's.


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