Ardent (Dungeons & Dragons)

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A Dungeons & Dragons character class
Publication history
First appearance Complete Psionic
Editions 3.5, 4th
(as an alternate class) 3.5, 4th
Source books 3.5 edition: Complete Psionic
4th edition: Player's Handbook 3
Based on Psychic

An ardent is a character class in the Dungeons & Dragons, a psionic practitioner that derives its powers from its focus on primal truths or concepts ("mantles").

Publication history[edit]

Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition (2000-2007)[edit]

The ardent was introduced in the Complete Psionic book.[1] The ardent's choice of psionic powers (and therefore its role in the party) vary greatly based on the mantles that the ardent follows. Some provide offensive firepower while others focus on other aspects of adventuring. Additionally, each mantle provides a minor, ancillary bonus to some aspect of the ardent's character.

Ardents possess fewer choices of powers than the more versatile Psion but they enjoy greater martial abilities in almost every aspect as well as receiving the same number of power points as the psion.


An ardent gravitates toward a set of philosophical concepts suitable to their heritage, upbringing, and life experiences. Many mistake an ardent for a cleric or paladin, because they are often as enthusiastic about their personal philosophies as any divine missionary could be. Unlike divine spellcasters who gain their power through a deity, an ardent directly taps the concepts the deity represents, bypassing any connection to a conscious higher power.

An ardent's pursuit of these cosmic philosophies gives them access to psionic power in a unique way: through psionic mantles. Each mantle is tied to one of the universal true concepts that an ardent so admires, and is represented by a specific list of psionic powers and abilities. An ardent gains access to new mantles as they gain levels, representing his growing awareness of the interconnected nature of core truths and a growing understanding of how the multiverse works.

All ardents focus on two mantles, known as their primary mantles. These concepts are those that an ardent finds most appealing or that possess the most potential power in their eyes. Ardents consider all other mantles as secondary mantles - philosophies certainly powerful and worthy of study, but not considered as central to the universe as the character's primary philosophies.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition (2008-)[edit]

The ardent appears in Players Handbook 3, as a psionic leader.


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